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Etiquette Israelite Marriage

Maintaining Femininity In Exhaustion

I’ve spoken about honoring your husband and why nurturing his masculinity is nonnegotiable. This post is similar, but today I want to highlight a major detractor in true honor for your husband: Conditional love.
Biblical love is the basis for Biblical womanhood (and Biblical manhood, as well as Biblical parenting, Biblical rulership, Biblical agriculture, etc.). Without Biblical love, our “womanhood” reflects less of the Word, and…

Devotion Etiquette

5 Things That Excellent Hebrew Women Do

I remember, when first coming into the Truth, having no real idea of how to carry myself with the new knowledge that I am an Israelite. What should I wear? How should I speak? Where do I congregate? I was that unripe tree (and still am in many ways). Worst of all, I was bombarded with “rules” and mandates from various camps, teachers, and elders, like needing to bow before brothers in Truth, and which Bible translations I was allowed to read (pffft!)…