Biblical Modesty is as simple as simple can get, and it goes beyond your outward adornment. Modesty applies to conduct, mannerisms, and speech, too. It can all be summed up in about 9 words (depending on which translation you like):

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control— the Fruit of The Spirit.

When you plant and water these seeds, the Fruit will bloom into modesty, free of vanity, and full of honor.

We have covered 10 Immodest things already. Let’s talk about 10 Practices That Will ENHANCE Your Modest Beauty????

As a disclaimer:

1. I, Sister Asha, am not the pinnacle or end-all be-all of Israelite modesty, and that THE SCRIPTURE is the blueprint, period!
2. This is not the definitive guide for Israelite modesty

This is a practical guide that can be a useful reference for Israelite sisters, particularly those with husbands or are seeking a husband, or if you’re new to the Faith of being an Israelite.

I don’t seek to shame anyone, I only aim to inform you sweet sisters who are always asking me about covering and having a shameface, and share the practices that have helped me to cultivate a more biblical womanhood within myself.

Above all things, we are to be soft spoken, gentle, covered, and always seeking peace— especially with our husbands and fellow brothers in The Ruach!

10 Practices to Enhance Your Modesty for Israelite Women

1. Covering Your Head (All Hair Included)

Perhaps there is an exception for unmarried sisters. However, with tradition, a whore was known by her hair: she was either shaven or loose (as in, not braided or covered).

We as women are set apart in that our hair tends to be one of the most attractive things about us, especially considering our voluptuous afros and intricate styles. Our crowns are special and sacred, and one of the staples of true femininity. Yet head covering, as I’ve mentioned before, is not just about “hiding” our aura. It’s also a symbol of spiritual covering.

It’s a simple way of signifying to the world, “I have a head.”

Are you under authority? Are you submitted? Do you have a head or are you headless?

Show you’re covered by covering.

Head covering enhances your modesty in that you are hyper-aware of your set-apart garb, you don’t appear as the Babylonian women do, and you show the world you are covered by your Abba, YAHUAH.

2. Keeping Makeup Light & Natural, Or Going Makeup-Free

YAHUAH doesn’t need your help in the creativity department. You are already fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).

If you seek to look fancy for an evening with your husband, plan on taking family portraits, or just generally like to look ‘nice’ on a day to day basis– no one is going to hate you for a little liner here, or lip gloss there.

But clown makeup, exaggerated accents, and gaudy appearances in general are a huge no-no (in the public).

Israelite women are sexy and creative. However, we keep this sexy creativity in the bedroom, reserved for our husbands. No one is telling you not to enjoy makeup if that’s your thing (despite it being a gift of the wicked fallen angels). But the aim should be to accentuate, not mask, the beauty Yah has given you.

If you feel you MUST, a good practice are those flawless ‘no-makeup’ makeup looks. Modesty means moderation.

Still, nothing truly beats a fresh, well taken care of, moisturized face without any enhancements or alterations.

3. Avoiding Prolonged Eye Contact and ‘Second Glances’ With Men

This isn’t just about respect, or potentially having the appearance of ‘flirty’. Prolonged eye contact or second glances invite the male desire.

We know that we don’t even have to be dressed up in order for men to stare with no shame. And sometimes, especially if you’re not married, it’s easy to feel flattered by the attention. However, if a brother truly wants you according to YAH’s order, then he will respectfully approach you, seek your father or leader, and not take you with lust– even with his eyes.

“You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Matthew 5:27-28

“The fornication of a woman is in the raising of (her) eyes; and [she] shall be known in (or by) the eyelids of her.” (Sirach 26:9)

This verse simply means that there is nothing shamefaced about gazing upon a man, especially if you are married, or if he is shamelessly and openly gawking at you.

Similarly, this verse also tells us that a whore shall be known by her eyelids. What will your eyelids say about you on a day to day basis?

I know this one seems so minute, but it’s true: the eyes are the windows to the soul. And sometimes, all it takes is one gaze at some forbidden fruit for us to decide that we’ll have it no matter what. Protect your eyes!

4. Speaking Only When Spoken To In The Presence of Men, Responding With a Soft Voice

Another sign of a whore is her shamelessness when in the presence of men. She speaks out of order, loudly, sometimes interrupting, with no gate around her lips.

Don’t let that be you. Modesty in your speech is very important too.

When your husband runs into a male friend at the store, when you’re in the congregation on Shabbat, or even when you see a brother you may recognize in public– you should wait to be approached before you speak.

And when you do speak to the opposite sex, it should be softly, clearly, and without playfulness or banter. The main reason being is that socially acceptable conduct for an Israelite woman entails silence and discretion, and that’s simply the truth according to Scripture. We are to be silent and loving.

“A silent wife is a gift from YAHUAH, and nothing is so precious as her self-discipline.”

Sirach (Ecclesiasticus 26:14)

5. Covering Your Curves Instead of Wrapping Them

This is rampant in the Israelite community: sisters with fringes, headwraps and no makeup, appearing fully covered but completely naked at the same time. How is this? Because the dresses, skirts, and shirts are form fitting.

Are we supposed to be wrapped or are we supposed to be covered?

Modesty is completely thrown out of the window when we cover our head and make sure our dress is floor length, but every angle of our curves is visible from a mile away.

It requires a lot of strength to shed away from skin tight clothing. But it can come by submission to your Abba, who will show you your true value in Him. When you love yourself and all that He has made you to be, you won’t feel like you should be on display. In fact, when we as women humble ourselves and see our true value, we ultimately desire to be as reserved as possible, staying away from eyes that can potentially defile us in anyway.

This also ties into Matthew 5:27-28. If a man looks upon a woman with lust, he has already committed adultery with her. Do you care about not tempting your brothers (especially married men), and being a stumbling block?

Any woman guilty of adultery or fornication is by definition a whore according to the Bible, and there shall be no whores of the Daughters of Zion (Deuteronomy 23:17).

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6. Not Inwardly Elevating Yourself Over Less Modest Sisters

Modesty is zapped away when it’s coupled with pride. There is nothing uglier than a modest sister who seeks to shame another sister, or look down upon a sister who may struggle to cover.

That used to be me. And speaking from experience, this doesn’t produce good fruit. Abba calls us to boast of HIM and not our own works, and anything that seeks to take His glory or praise, He will tear it down– pride is no exception.

Yes, you look soft, feminine, dainty, and orderly. And maybe another sister doesn’t or perhaps has incomplete modesty. But you’re not more valuable or important, and if you consider yourself a sister, then you will recognize her as your equal no matter what, and seek to edify her according to the Fruit of The Spirit.

Plus, when you’re proud in your heart instead of choosing to give a sister wise counsel, you miss an opportunity for YAH to use you in that sister’s life. His Word never returns to Him void, and it’s our priority to speak according to the oracles of YAHUAH.

Arrogance on a woman is a stench more rancid than any rotting flesh. But humility is the most pleasant fragrance she will ever wear.

7. Covering Yourself At Home If You Have Male Company

This can mean a few different things:

a. you literally cover your body and hair with modest apparel as to honor your husband and your chastity (an Afghan style burka–which seems extreme but it truly isn’t in the question of honoring your husband–, a facial veil, or total silence are all simple executions of this)

b. you hide away in a separate environment, such as another room (which is more desirable if the men present aren’t your non-marriageable relatives)

c. you leave your home and temporarily visit a sister nearby (will require prearranging and permission from your husband)

Simply, you make yourself scarce. Unless, your husband requires you to serve the guests. And even then, when your job is complete, you mind the business of women and not the business of men.

This is important because you show you are completely reserved for your husband, you don’t give the devil any occasion to tempt you or other brothers, and you maintain respect for men’s right to fellowship without women present.

8. Honoring ALL Brothers with Titles Such as “Sir, Mr., Brother…, Elder, Chief, Noble, etc.,”

As you mature in your walk with Yah, you grow more comfortable with His ordinance for women to be subservient to men. And not just our husbands, but all men.

While we’re only called to please and obey our own husbands first, all women are permanently under the order of men, who are Abba’s appointed leaders.

We are to respect their roles– yes, even when they don’t deserve it. Yah isn’t concerned with whether someone deserves our honor. Abba only cares that we OBEY Him first and HONOR our brothers, PERIOD without exception.

It’s not easy, but it will come with patience, love and prayer as you grow in your walk with YAH and water your friendship with The Ruach Qodesh (Holy Spirit).

Addressing brothers with honorable titles is extremely modest, chaste, and precious in the sight of Our Abba. You humble yourself in His sight, and you embrace your appointment as the body and not the head.

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9. Being Agreeable, Eager to Cultivate and Maintain Peace

Continually pursue peace with everyone, and the sanctification without which no one will [ever] see YAHUAH

Hebrews 12:14

A huge concept of walking with grace as a fair lady of Israelite descent, is knowing when to say, “Okay, this is threatening the peace, therefore I will disengage.”

Princess Abigail is a great example. Before she married King David, she was married to a wickedly proud man who couldn’t be humbled. One day, her wicked husband greatly offended King David. When Princess Abigail found out, she sought to make peace with the King on behalf of her husband.

Are you willing to do this? When you’re mad, offended, or even when you’re not involved at all– are you prepared to be a continual peacemaker?

YAHUAH has already promised to restore us with the Promise of Peace as evidenced in Hosea 2 where He says “I will make for you a covenant on that day with the wild animals, the birds of the air, and the creeping things of the ground; and I will abolish the bow, the sword, and war from the land; and I will make you lie down in safety.  And I will take you for my wife forever; I will take you for my wife in righteousness and in justice, in steadfast love, and in mercy.”

He calls us to live in this Bond of Peace with all creatures, all spirits, and all hosts at all times, without ending.

We know how horrifying it is to see a beautiful woman who sows chaos, discord, and arguments all the time. How much more of a restorative blessing it is to witness (and be) a woman who seeks peace no matter what!

10. Only Giving Gentle Reminders When You Witness Someone Stumble

It’s incredibly prideful and unbecoming of a woman to seek to correct someone before she seeks to nurture them.

“You need to…” shouldn’t ever come before “Have you read the verse regarding this matter?”

As tempting as it is to feel the need to humble others, it’s simply not our job. We must only speak the oracles of YAH, trust Him to touch everyone with the ears to hear, and leave the matter in His Hands.

You can eschew evil without displaying contempt for other people. Please understand that.

Furthermore, we shouldn’t gossip, despise, or forsake someone when you see them struggle, either. Your poop stinks, too, sis (LOL). You stumble. How would you desire someone to respond to your mistakes?

And what feeds The Holy Spirit in someone? When they’re met with spite, abandonment, and sermons after they’ve fallen… or when they’re instead met with gentle correction, fellowship, and forgiveness when they’ve fallen?

Speak like you wish to be spoken to, sis.

I’ve admitted it on the prequel to this post (10 Things You Think Are Modest But Aren’t) and I’ll say it again:

I’m guilty of offending each of these, and if you have too, then don’t worry. As I stated, this isn’t a definitive guide, but simply a reference. ABBA sets the true standard, and He is The Forgiver of Offenses.

We are redeemable no matter how far off we may be or feel like we are. Letting YAH restore Biblical Femininity within us is no simple trial. In fact, even the very first women, Eve, struggled to grasp her role in it’s entire perfection. And we The Body, as His Wife, still struggle with our femininity, but He is preparing us blameless and stainless for Himself (Ephesians 5:25-26)

I pray that no matter what, The Ruach would anoint you to become chaste and honorable in all things–however YAH wants that to look for you 🙂

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