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I’m Sister Asha,

an Israelite woman of Aniyunwiya descent who once had no faith that I would be redeemed, but the ELAHA of Abraham, Itzaaq, and Yaaqob has made a believer out of me!

1 Timothy 2:15 used to be a stumbling block for me, as I didn’t quite understand what the Word was trying to tell me. But women truly don’t understand the salvation we receive from being silent, obedient, faithful, and loving wives until we pivot towards YAH and actually strive to become that wife. Now I’m walking in this truth and it’s a blessing to share this faith and ministry with sisters all over the world of all nationalities who’ve awakened to His calling to be Kingdom Wives.

Motherhood and homemaking are my passions, and I believe less women would struggle with identity and purpose issues if we would respond to His exhortation for us to be keepers at home. I speak from personal testimony. My battle with attaching my identity to my job, a degree, my ability to be independent or my beauty was chipping away at my health, sanity and will to live for years. It wasn’t until accepting the calling of Yah to be a keeper at home and devote my life to serving that I’ve realized my purpose, value, and name in Him is greater than the boxes that the world has carved out for the Daughters of Zion.

Homemaking is honorable in His sight, and we as women aren’t required to strive for more in life than to serve Yah by serving our husbands and homes— our greatest contribution to The Kingdom. It’s evidenced right in His Word.

My prayer is to nourish The Body of YAHUAH by supplying resources, encouragement, and counsel for wives who seek Yah and the ways of the Sirach 26 Pleasant Wife.

Join me and over 2,000 other women, wives, homemakers and mothers worldwide– listen to my podcast, Watered Womanhood

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All About The Hebrew Housewife

Established in 2019, The Hebrew Housewife has blossomed from my personal homemaking journey into a community of women who treasure modesty, femininity, and their role in their homes as wives and mothers in just a few short years. With a global audience, we unite, educate and inspire women everywhere to be their most authentic selves while honoring their Creator in the process.

You can be powerful without losing your delicacy.

In fact, your delicacy is your power! As a woman, The Most High has an ordinance for you to know the benefits, safety, and joy of being covered. The world today has an unprecedented hate for His Word, specifically for what it says regarding women’s roles: be humble, submissive, keepers at home, silent, modest, etc. We know our role in Yah is not the same role the world appoints nor approves for us, but that’s okay! We are called to be set-apart! What greater revolution can you be a part of than the one of obeying His Word?

You can be powerful without losing your delicacy. In fact, your delicacy is your power!

Raabasha Alohalani

Do you struggle with submission, accepting your role, or finding contentment as a housewife, homemaker or believing woman in general?

My ears, heart and Bible are all open for you!

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