Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to ask any questions you have via Instagram (@HebrewHousewife) or by email to

What is your name?

Raabasha Alohalani, but Asha or Aloha is fine.

How old are you; where are you from; and other general questions

At the time of answering this, I am 23 (yes, I’m a Gen Z gyal). I’m originally from Texas but I now live near Richmond with my husband. We hope to move to Connecticut in the coming years, in Yahuah’s will. Yes, I am a mother, I have one daughter. I’m open to having more, but we aren’t in any particular rush. No, I am not foreign born. My family is Louisiana Creole and Cherokee (yes, really).

Why do you cover your face?

I enjoy doing so. I feel best when covered in public; I’m not being gawked at or judged based on my appearance; and I have more privacy in the world and online. This is my expression of modesty. I don’t push this on anyone, and I hope you can still see me as a person. I actually made a two part video series about this if you’d like more detail.

Did you convert from Islam to the Truth as an Israelite?

Nope. I actually was a devout Baptist Christian. I was never once a member of the Muslim religion, but I do have great respect for Islam as the belief system of Ishmael and his descendants/heritage.

Can I write for your blog/be on your podcast?

Absolutely. I am open to Israelite sisters who have helpful articles on homemaking, marriage, motherhood, recipes or Biblical womanhood to share here on The Hebrew Housewife, as well as insight, testimonies, and relevant dialogues on my podcast, Watered Womanhood. Send submissions or additional questions about guest posts to

Is your blog/platform just for black women?

No, not at all. My platform is for all believers of Yahusha HaMashayach the Son of YAHUAH the Most High, regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, or creed. I do however want to invite black/Israelite women primarily, because we need a place where we are celebrated and seen. We are homemakers, stay-home-moms, and feminine women, too. It appears that white, African, Arab, biracial, and Asian women have ‘homemaking’, ‘motherhood’ and ‘femininity’ spaces just for them. We want and deserve ours as well.

While my aim is not to be exclusive, I value my sisters, I see a need in our community for our own space, and I’ve been blessed to create a platform that amplifies our voices. Furthermore, we (Israelite women) often have different values, objectives, issues, and needs than other groups, even compared to other ‘Bible believers’ or Messianic communities (which is perfectly okay, since we aim to be holy and completely set apart from everyone else as we build up the Holy City, New Jerusalem). Who else is going to focus on these if we don’t? If you have any more questions on this matter, please don’t hesitate to email me as I am open to a dialogue and fellowship with everyone.

How can I support you, your blog and your podcast?

Prayer chiefly. Please pray for this platform. You can also visit my Prayer Requests page to see a list of my specific requests. Thank you in advance.

Secondly, please listen to and share my podcast, as it is monetized, and I earn money based on listenership. Engage with my content on Instagram. Watch my videos on YouTube. And share the articles on this blog if you feel compelled.

Thirdly, you can also donate via Anchor or CashApp ($Pist0la – the 0 is a zero). All donation sizes are welcome. Proceeds contribute to website hosting fees, website maintenance and support for my home as we navigate life on one income.

I emailed you, but didn’t get a response. Are you ignoring me?

I’m definitely not ignoring you. I do my very best to respond to each and every prayer request, feedback, and inquiry I receive on both social media as well as email. I am easier to reach on Instagram (@HebrewHousewife) however, as my email quickly gets backed up. If it’s urgent, consider resending your email, but please don’t do so more than once. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

How do you make your graphics, photos and art?

I create all art myself, via a free art app from Adobe called Fresco, on my iPad. I use Canva templates to make graphics, and I also use Canva’s lifestyle and stock photos within these graphics. For more details on my creative process, or help assistance with your own, don’t hesitate to email me or send me a DM on Instagram.

Can you help me set up my blog or brand?

Yep! I can help you plan content, design your brand identity, create graphics and/or art for you, and I can even write articles for you. Just send me an email or DM to get started. 🙂

How can I get on the phone with you?

It’s pretty easy. We will first exhange emails to get an idea of what’s going on with you and what needs you have. Then, in the Holy Spirit, we will arrange a phone call for further discussion and prayer. Reach out by filling this form or send me an email: . Please be advised that all contact and communication is subject to my husband’s knowledge and approval. There are some sensitive matters you may be experiencing that my husband may not feel is appropriate for me to speak on or advise you on. If this is the case, I will kindly tell you so, and share Scripture with you instead. Thank you for understanding in advance.

Wives please be advised that my ears are not open to listen to you complain about your husband as I consider this gossip. There is a difference between us looking for solutions together, versus us bad-mouthing our men behind their backs (whether right or wrong).

I am however here for you if you have questions in marriage, problems you want to SOLVE, and need fellowship with a sister in Spirit and in Truth!