The Watered Womanhood Podcast offers a solution-oriented approach to femininity for Israelite women, inspired by the Biblical “Bride of YAHUAH” to ensure the measure with which we mete our womanhood is based wholly on Scripture and our Creator’s will.

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3 Ways to Be More Vulnerable – Biblical Femininity for Hebrew Women Watered Womanhood

This was originally a video podcast special episode, just for my Pink Side Princesses 🙂 Join us on the Pink Side for more exclusive content. We're talking about the power of vulnerability, the dangers of blocking this feminine pillar, and how to make vulnerability work for you as an aspiring Biblical woman. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. 3 Ways to Be More Vulnerable – Biblical Femininity for Hebrew Women
  2. Clamorous Wives: Husbands Don't Have to Earn Rest (or Respect)
  3. Real Motherhood vs Expectations – Biblical Femininity for Hebrew Women | Watered Womanhood
  4. Lot's Wife: Looking Back – Biblical Femininity for Hebrew Women | Watered Womanhood
  5. How to Deal With Bitter Modern Women and Face Your Own Bitterness

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Biblical Womanhood Thus Sayeth YAHUAH

The Watered Womanhood Podcast is a well for Israelite women thirsting after Truth– in self, in marriage, and in her walk with The Most High.
Listeners witness the contrast between the Whore of Babylon VS The Bride of YAHUAH (Hosea, Isaiah 54, & Revelation 21); uncover Scripture to found a Bible-Based femininity; and are challenged to inflect, repent, and be made new in the image ordained by Our Father.

I’m Raabasha Alohalani

a mother, wife, follower of YAHUSHA in the Name of YAHUAH, founder of The Hebrew Housewife and hostess of the Watered Womanhood Podcast.
I started the show to help Israelite women young and aged, married and unmarried, near and far, understand what true Biblical Femininity is, so we can get away from Babylonian beliefs and customs of what a woman should be, and instead be Holy for He is Holy.

From etiquette, to marriage customs, to devotionals, and relational vulnerability, I cover all your Shebrew concerns, weaknesses, and common struggles in femininity with the hope to encourage, inspire, and motivate you to be a woman, and enjoy it, too.

My Work

8 Barriers to Femininity & How to Clear the Blockage

Colorful dresses, intricate hairstyles, and soft makeup are just accessories to watered womanhood — and if you’re at home with yourself, they can be outer manifestations of inner beauty, too.

And while they may trigger imagery of batting lashes and proud strutting and swirly twirling, those aren’t quite quantifiers of femininity. Just look at the average, modern metropolitan woman on a day to day basis… (Read More)