Shalom sisters, as you read this piece, I challenge you to examine your current state of thinking. Are you constantly unsatisfied with your possessions, status or situation? If yes, then you may be operating in a constant state of discontentment. My prayer is that The Most High continue to refine His daughters by revealing those areas we struggle in and offer the scriptural guidance and support to be perfected in His will for our lives. If you struggle with discontentment may Abba Yah equip you to remove this quality/habit for good.

Discontentment. It’s something that can start from the smallest seed of doubt or a faintly whispered lie that your ear catches hold of for a moment. When one isn’t fully rooted in The Most High as well as guarding their mind and thoughts perpetually- this seed can take root and begin to bear fruits that are not of The Father. That faintly whispered lie becomes a voice on full blast telling one that they’re worthless or their life has no purpose and what started as a seed of discontentment has now turned into full blown depression.

I for one am all too familiar with this. In fact, recently I unintentionally was feeding numerous seeds of doubt that then grew, and before I knew it I was feeling overwhelmed and overtaken by something that started out so small and simple. I had let my mental and spiritual garden become overrun with weeds (covetousness, self-pity, bitterness, scornfulness, etc.) that were stealing the nutrients from the seeds that The Most High so diligently and delicately planted in me so that righteous fruits could be cultivated.

After neglecting The Most High’s fruits and catering to the plants of the enemy, it’s time to get back to tending the garden.

I am constantly learning and growing in my discernment to distinguish the seeds and sprouts of My Father and weed out those things planted by the enemy- and this is where my journey of gratitude begins.

Gratitude is a conscious, positive emotion one displays or expresses when feeling appreciation, thankfulness and/ or respect for something or someone(s). Being in a state of constant gratitude leaves no room for discontentment.

What is a journey of gratitude?

Being on a journey of gratitude simply means that one is being intentional in recognizing YAH’s hand in their daily life and practicing their appreciation/showing their thankfulness regularly. In addition to this- it is a constant practice to not harp on negative thoughts, doubts, and bitterness. This journey is about a conscious effort to wake up everyday and choose gratitude. It is possible to be grateful in any and every circumstance- it may require one to look at their situation from a different perspective- but there is always something to be grateful for.

What do you do and where should you start?

If you really want to make this stick- I suggest starting small. There are so many things you can do to begin implementing gratitude on a daily basis. Choosing a simple task or routine and sticking with it is a great place to start.

Gratitude in motion can look like:

  • Starting a gratitude journal.
  • Showing appreciation to The Most High by obedience to His Word and will for your life.
  • Verbally expressing your thankfulness to those around you.
  • Making a conscious effort to be positive and adjust any “stank” or unbecoming attitudes and displayments.

What’s The Point?

Gratitude is something we should be putting into practice every single day. This isn’t a one time destination but a continuous journey we should be on. The overall goal is to guard our minds and thoughts and constantly seek out those things that are lovely, pure, and of virtue (see Phillipians 4:8).


“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”

Isaiah 26:3
Shalom! I’m Bina- a 22 year old wife, mother, and daughter of The Most High Yah. (I also run the Instagram account @TheFeminineHebrew) I’ve been exposed to Biblical teachings my entire life but didn’t start my walk with TMH until three years ago. After officially leaving the ways of the world, I find myself continuously learning and growing on this journey. All praises to The Most High for allowing me to share what I’ve learned so far and hopefully be a light to other sisters.


  1. Beautiful post… the spirit. I too have been struggling with thoughts of doubt and feeling worthless that’s crazy. This is the spirit Apttmh.

    1. Shalom sis and All Praises To The Most High- thank you for the kind words! My prayers go out for you and that you would overcome those feelings by the grace and strength of Abba Yah. Know you’re not alone in this walk and their have been many before us that have gone on this same journey and come out stronger mentally and more deeply rooted in TMH and His Word. Shalom.

      1. All praises sis. Beautifully said. Lord willing we continue to endure! These seasons are to help us grow and come our stronger and better! It’s the best thing for us!

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