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Peace Amidst This Plague

Let us call this p*ndemic exactly what it is– a PLAGUE. During the likes of which, we have the tendency to freak out, spread panic and unrest, and sulk in helpless anxiety. I mean, I …


Show Me Your Works

Shalom Zion, I just wanted to share a message I heard today that I’ve read plenty of times in Debaryim, but today, it just hit different. With the fall of this Babylonian society and all …

Israelite Marriage

12 Silent Ways to Blow Your Husband’s Mind (for free)

Sometimes, marriages lose the romance. You’re not getting as many compliments. No date nights. Very little sex (something I don’t treat as a taboo on this page). Seldom Scripture study/prayer together. And just an overall sense of lack.

Some would argue that this is all a part of the motions. Life changes. People change. Homes change. Marriages change. That is the one constant of life: the living cannot avoid change. We are either dying or growing, and there is never an in between.

That’s why I compiled this list. I encourage wives to take an active approach in deciding whether their marriage is dying or growing. Don’t accept despair, disconnect, loss of romance, or defeat.

Your marriage is worth the effort. It’s your number one priority.


When I’m Hurting Inside…

He promised Abraham a child. He promised Israel redemption from Mitsrayim. He promised Noah a flood was surely coming. He promised David triumph over giants. He promised The Blood of The Lamb would make the angel of death Passover His Children. Each time, He delivered.