Shalom Zion,

I just wanted to share a message I heard today that I’ve read plenty of times in Debaryim, but today, it just hit different.

With the fall of this Babylonian society and all of it’s infrastructures, so comes the fall of those who are dependent upon it. This means times are going to become harder and harder for the Children of Israel who are still in the yolk of the material world.

What good does it profit our brothers and sisters if we share prayer, and supplication, and rejoicing, and scripture with them… without working on their behalf?

Proverbs Chapter 3 Verses 27 through 28

“Do not thou forbid to do well him that may; if thou mayest, also do thou well. Say thou not to thy friend, ‘Go, and turn again, and tomorrow I shall give to thee’; when thou mayest give today.”

Faith without works cannot keep people warm. Faith without works cannot help people recover from their house burning down. Faith without works cannot feed a hungry family of five. Faith without works cannot restore a man’s soul.

Yahusha teaches us the same thing as Solomon. Don’t hold back or refrain from giving the good thing you have the power to give to someone who needs it.

More importantly– RIGHT WHEN THEY NEED IT.

The shoes from your feet. The coat off your back. Your last twenty dollars. The food you were saving for dinner.

This is our covenant with YAH, for us to be a Royal Priesthood. Priests make supplication for the people, and sacrifice for the people. Literally. That is the priest’s role. It’s that simple.

A ‘Royal Priesthood’ sounds good on paper. It’s a nice title. It’s noble and dignified.

Until we have to sacrifice. Until we have to turn the other cheek. Until we have to pick up others’ slack, and atone where they fall short.

We are a nation. All other nations offer true priesthood for one another. This is how they maintain community. We must return to The Way HaRachaman (The Merciful One) Has Appointed.

James 2:14-16

My brethren, what shall it profit, if any man say that he hath faith, but he hath not works? whether faith shall be able to save him?

And if a brother or sister be naked, and have need of each day’s livelode,

and if any of you say to them, Go ye in peace, be ye made hot, and be ye filled; but if ye give not to them those things that be necessary to the body, what shall it profit?

What does it do for a man to tell him he should be merry, when he has a clear and present need?

Our royalty comes with a responsibility to not only sacrifice, but to be the sacrifice.

Living our lives in continual atonement for others through the giving of what has been given to us.

Time, energy, food, money, clothes, a place to stay, a visit in the hospital, help around their home, gas in their car, toys for their kids, tuition assistance, job opportunities, legal advice. Even forgiveness.

It doesn’t matter. Let us give what’s in our ability, even if it brings us to our last. Great is our reward in Shemayim.

Let the material go for thy brother or sister, Zion. Just as you would desire them to do unto you.

And if you haven’t heard it today, I love you. You are loved.

Don’t be afraid to reach out. And not just to me, but to anybody.

You keep praying for HaRachaman to make a way, when He has already made a way for you through other people who are waiting to give.

No man is an island. Let’s re-member this body together, Zion.

Shabbat Shalom


  1. My sister I love this. Especially the reference of us not being an island. That is one of my biggest issues asking for help. I was raised to figure it out and to do things on my own. But I know that’s not my father wants for me.????????

    1. Shabbat Shalom Sis ???? we are a family. If you need resources, emotional support, or even just a hand to hold, seek out YAHUAH and He will show you where to ask. I’ve struggled and still struggle with being afraid and ashamed to seek out people when I know I’m in a low place, but pride will rob you of Good fortune and blessings if you let it. I’m open to praying about this together with you if you’re interested. Let’s keep building???? have a peaceful Shabbat

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