If you’ve been around since late 2019, you know this blog started as my personal online diary. I recorded my day, my thoughts, and my discoveries as an Israelite.

My purpose then was to truly just express myself, keep my hands busy, and experiment with glorifying YAHUAH with the gift of writing. I was desparate to create something, to bring something of value to life, to contribute something worthy of sustenance. The Hebrew Housewife is one of many blogging attempts I made in this endeavor, but it’s the only one that began to stick (No, seriously. I had a blog about Paleo Hebrew, my indigenous identity, my poetry, the science of sound, my hiphop & culture podcast– any topic you can think of, I started a blog for it!).

It’s now 2022– almost three whole years later since the dawn of this blog. And just like me, this blog has grown. Not just because we’re at 2k followers on Instagram, have a podcast, or an ever-growing newsletter. But because what once used to be my web journal (with a once blue and burgundy theme) has become a resource for motivation, inspiration, and faith in the Israelite and Truth community.

That’s way more than I hoped, planned or foresaw ahead when I started this little thing. Glory to Yah.

However, I did make some changes that I’ve now realized aren’t sustainable long-term. Like creating content just to grow this blog. I love this space and all the beautiful sisters Yah has brought into my life. And I am excited to keep growing in His Will.

However, I am the truest introvert if there ever was one, and I adore privacy.

So when more people started following along, I began sharing less of my personal life and journey, and more content that was generic, even if it was resourceful.

Now, I want to take the time to redefine what my purposes are as a blogger. I still desire to be resourceful, but I also want to be personal. So here goes:

My Main Purpose as a Blogger

Glorify Yah.

This can look many ways. I can share my life and how He speaks to me. I can talk about the wonderful things He’s done for me. I can share recipes, how I observe feast days, homemaking insights and everything else.

Or, I can rant. I can share my burdens. I can share devotionals, prayers, and Bible studies.

I can even simply keep using this space as my journal.

Glorifying Yah on The Hebrew Housewife is less about the content, and more about the why.

If I write about current events with the intent to glorify Him, it will shine forth.

If I write about why hostile architecture makes me furious–with the intent to glorify Him– He will be glorified.

I realized that over the last year of blogging (2021), my biggest year yet, I’ve reeled back on what is special, meaningful, and important to me in order to write about things that I know my target audience wants to read about.

I am still going to honor you and what you came here for: homemaking, marriage, femininity, parenting, faith and community from an Israelite perspective.

I’m simply incorporating more balance moving forward. Because I took a look around my blog recently, and was heartbroken to see ZERO personal content (from the last year). And when I say heartbroken, I mean devastated.

To think that I once believed you sisters and visitors alike were uninterested in knowing me or anything about my life, but were simply coming here for the resources and tips. I know that’s not true because:

  1. You sisters are so friendly and are always asking about me! I appreciate it and whole heartedly internalize this. I don’t take you for granted.
  2. My “About Me” page is consistently the most visited page, month after month. I suppose I can’t operate a personal blog without my personhood being of some interest, can I?
  3. Email newsletters with personal content ALWAYS gets the most engagement!

I was deeply mistaken. This blog is not the glorifier of YAHUAH in my life! I am. This blog is just one of the many ways I bring Him glory.

My promise then, to you as a reader, is that I will glorify Him, that you will see Him, and you will learn to do the same thing– not because I’m telling you how, but because I’m doing it and you’re a witness. There is no better teacher than a demonstrator.

What is the nation of Israel after all but a priesthood?

My purpose is to inspire the daughters of Israel to glorify Him with whatever He’s given you, by showing you how I’ve been led to do it! I hope you feel and see this each time you’re here 🙂

What are your thoughts?

Raabasha Alohalani

I’m a little Israelite woman with a little faith in a big Master. Through cultivating a relationship with The Most High Redeemer of Israel, I’ve overcome suicidal tendencies, body dysmorphia, porn addiction, depression, and the darkness of envy! As a wife and a mommy, it is my earnest desire to share love and open a space for Hebrew, Israelite, and believing women alike who want to help build this City on A Hill. Let's discover His New Mercies each day, and take baby steps towards Shemayim!????