The love I have for my daughter is questionably outstanding….I think to myself why do I love this being so much, like where does this overwhelming unconditional love come from and why….I just didn’t understand.

She is mainly on the receiving end; I have to do absolutely everything for her. She has caused me physical pain (labor), mental pain (lack of rest) and life for me has become a bit more complicated since she’s entered into my life. However the smile on her face brightens up my day, my purpose each day is to fulfill her needs, my goal is to protect her by all means. 

When I become irritated by her irate tantrums (my daughter has a scream that I never knew could exist in such a little body) however I love her even more! Seeing tears makes my heart ache, seeing her smile makes my heart melt. When she sleeps I look at pics of her and cry at the thought of having her and at the thought of ever losing her.

In these very few months (along with pregnancy) motherhood has definitely taught me the ways, or you can say the mysteries, of Yah and His love. His design in creation is hidden (until experienced) in every aspect of life. Throughout my daily interactions with my daughter I’ve realized how the mother and child relationship (also the father) reflects the relationship between us and Yah.


Every day when it’s time to feed my daughter she throws these fits and I laugh to myself and think “don’t she know by now that I am going to feed her…I feed her 4 to 6 times a day, 7 days a week for about 6 months now.. not to mention the entire time she was in my womb”?

Now I understand she’s a baby and her reasoning has yet to develop but I find it funny that she has yet to trust me to know that I am going to feed her and I wonder at what age does she come to this conclusion. 

I think about how TMH provides for us daily. He wakes us up, feeds us and provides avenues for us to endure in this Babylonian nation. We can even see the past miracles TMH has done in the very moments we felt that we hit a brick wall. Yet once we’re in uncomfortable circumstances we doubt and lose faith in the moment of distress we throw tantrums and we forget how faithful he is… 

Strength and Development

Now that my daughter is a bit older, I’m beginning to work on her development skills. I’ve allowed her to pretty much show me when she’s ready for something new. A couple of months ago I realized my daughter was beginning to use her core somewhat. I would lay her back and she would try to sit back up however I realized she was still gaining strength in her neck and still mastering how to balance her head. 

I decided to not push her into sitting up….yet.  Fast forward to last week she is now a pro at holding her head and has gained a lot of strength in her core… My observation showed me that she was now ready…so I sat her up on the bed, I held on to her waist then her arms, her hands, & then her finger tips. 

Each time I decreased my support my daughter’s whines showed me that she was uncomfortable with this but I knew she could do it she just wasn’t aware… once I got her comfortable again I finally let go of her fingertips the look of terror appeared on her face when she fell back into the very soft bed  (of course) & she cried…but  when I smiled and told her she was ok she laughed & realized she was fine.

The next time I let her go she used her core and slowed down her fall tremendously. Each day we practice this she gets stronger and I’m there to pick her back up when she falls.  It’s the same with our Heavenly Father; he sees the potential in us before we have the knowledge or confidence. 

When he sees we’re ready He gives us a push and just like my daughter we panic…we cry…& some of us are traumatized by just the fall (thank Yah my baby wasn’t afraid to try it again). However, Yah is always there to pick us back up. It is true he will never give us more than what we can handle. He has observed us closely to know when the time is right. Each time we try and fail we’re stronger each time around, soon we overcome the trial.

Milk to Solids

My baby is almost 6 months and boy am I ready for her to be on food completely! However I understand the anatomy of the infant’s body and I know feeding her certain solids too quickly could be detrimental to her health and development.

When I had my baby I was very  adamant about my baby drinking only breast milk! Some of the hospital nurses tried to give me a hard time when I told them  Not to give my baby formula (& my husband actually stopped a nurse from trying to give my baby formula when I wasn’t around ). I knew with her being born a bit early along with just being a new born her body was fragile and she needed the proper nutrients! I was up and down those stairs breastfeeding my baby every 2-3 hours c-section and all, I was determined.

Well, we introduced baby girl cereal when she turned 4 months and sisters… my daughter flipped out! She was not ready for the solid she wanted her milk.. that’s it… that’s all! However with her drastically increasing appetite mama could not keep up with the feedings so I tried oatmeal again about 2 weeks later and now she loves it! Now she still prefers milk. I see that sometimes she gets lazy or impatient with solids, I noticed with milk (from the bottle) she’s barely doing any work.

 I’ve tried a few other things and I watch her behavior and diapers to see how she is receiving the food and I give, pull back or dispose as needed…This made me think about how Yah feeds us His word. In the scripture it states that we are given spiritual milk first then we will eventually get to the meat.. well at least we’re supposed to… Milk is good for a season or two but can it sustain us literally for the rest of our spiritual lives? Many of us (like my daughter) would rather settle for milk. 

However, feeding us spiritual meat too quickly may be too difficult to chew or digest which will cause us to spit or purge it out. Yah knows what’s best sometimes even going back to milk for a little while longer if we need. He feeds His revelations bit by bit to us in His perfect timing to properly nourish us at every stage of life.

I realized these revelations I received were not by coincidence, Yah purposely designed motherhood to emulate His love for us. He uses motherhood in the scriptures to greatly express His love for us in fact His love surpasses even a mother’s love.

“Can a woman forget her child at the breast, not show pity on the child from her womb? Even if these were to forget, I would not forget you.”

Yesha’Yahu (Isa) 49:15 CJB

If any of you Hebrew mama’s have examples of Yah’s design/ love revealed to you through motherhood please share! I would also love to hear from the Hebrew wives who may not have any children give an example of how you see Yah’s love revealed through your husband.

Shalom sisters 

– Tyteara Wright

Sister Tyteara is a new mother to a beautiful baby girl and full-time homemaker who loves YAH, motherhood, and being a wife.
You can follow her journey on Instagram @DivinelyWright

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