As a(n aspiring and imperfect) Biblical homemaker, I believe that the Word of YAHUAH is the foundation for every aspect of my life, including my home. The Bible provides guidance and direction for how we should conduct ourselves, treat others, and manage our households. Through Scripture, I have found inspiration and encouragement for my homemaking journey, especially in moments when the road get’s tough.

I want to share with you 10 scriptures that have been particularly impactful in my life as a homemaker. These verses have helped me to cultivate a heart of service, create a peaceful and inviting home, and prioritize my relationships with my family and others. I hope that they will inspire and encourage you in your own homemaking journey, as well.

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the esteem of Elohim.”

1 Cor 10:31

I love this verse because it is a reminder that no task is too small that it cannot glorify Yah, or too small that He can’t use it in some way to speak to the homemaker’s heart.

It has been so easy to fall into the trap of listening to the world’s lies that homemaking is obsolete, homemakers are just glorified maids, or homemakers are just lazy failures of women. If you’re not careful to combat this malicious spirit with the Word, you do begin to see folding clothes, washing dishes, cooking meals or making beds as… unimportant.

1 Corinthians 10:31 turns on the light for me when I am doing those ‘unimportant’ things. He sees all, has ordained all, and desires to be in contact with us. That means I can do little things in my home in a way that ministers to YAHUAH and ministers unto my own soul. There’s just some unspoken enlightenment that comes from rejoicing in Him and glorifying Him, and yes, that can happen through praying while we wash dishes, or singing a psalm as we prepare a lovely dinner.

I love that being a homemaker does not pull me any further from glorifying Him. I offer Him the same glory as those who are teaching on the byways and highways, or those who’s lives are dedicated to orphans, or those who perform miracles, and more. Just in my own unique way.

“Unless יהוה builds the house, its builders labour in vain. Unless יהוה guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.”

Psalm 127:1

This verse inspires my homemaking particularly when I catch the vanity bug.

You know, the bug that always insists on having things perfect (our way), aesthetic (similar to open-house-ready homes on Zillow or Pinterest), spotless (unlived in).

I’m very picky with how I like things, and my opinions on the appearance of things often differs from that of my husband (not drastically, but enough to cause a little friction sometimes). I’m a little bit of a japandi brutalist when it comes to my home; but I notice my husband tends to be a zen-Moorish maximalist. I love both styles, I think they have their time and place, and they certainly intersect in some places. However, learning to yield to my husband in this (as well as in more imporant factors of homemaking), has given me the opportunity to reflect on the true purpose of homemaking.

It’s about service, not perfect aesthetics. It’s about bringing people together, creating a shield from the world, kissing booboos and having a safe space to worship. Psalm 127 is a great reminder that all that I do and aspire to be as a homemaker should be built on the Word and the character of YAHUAH. Aesthetics change, as do our tastes for different meals, the detergent we use, our ability to host and entertain guests, etc.

But what won’t change, is YAH, and therefore I give Him (to the best of my ability) control and headship over how to build this home. He is, after all, the Architect of the Heavens, where there are “many mansions”. I know He must know a thing or two about homemaking…

“And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Master and not to men, knowing that from the Master you shall receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Master, Messiah, you serve.”

Colossians 3:23-24

This verse is similar to 1 Corinthians 10:31. However, it makes a strong emphasis on the why.

We do things with all our heart, no matter what it is, because at the end of the day, this is all just one big simulation. A test. A place where we think we are interacting with other people and spirits, but truly, we are just interacting with The Most High at any given moment, and it is to Him we shall return.

This verse is encouraging in those moments wherein I must make the sacrifice of discipline. In the moments where I feel fatigued and challenged beyond my capacity. When no one understands me nor seems to appreciate me. I am reminded that the seeds I am sowing will produce a heavenly harvest, not a harvest of this world.

This verse comes with a reminder of His promises, that He is a rewarder of deeds, and that I have an inheritance in Him upon which I can focus. This carries me through making meals when I don’t feel like it, shopping when I don’t feel like it, or giving family my undivided attention when I don’t feel like it.

“The wise woman has built her house, but the foolish tears it down with her hands.”

Proverbs 14:1

Whew! My how this verse can cut. When we as wives are challenged in homemaking– whether with difficult husbands, unruly kids, or home repairs we can’t afford– it is very easy to experience feelings of helplessness.

It’s easy, when overwhelmed, to neglect our home in subtle ways, justifying it with our humanly shortcomings and fleshly limitations. A great example for me, and something I talk about in my new book, was when I lived in a very old house in Texas, whose plumbing was not great. I didn’t know anything about plumbing, wasn’t making awesome money, and was too ashamed to ask anyone I knew for help.

This house, that was an inheritance from grandparents, no longer even belongs to my family, thanks to our collective unwillingness to sacrifice to keep it (it was sold). Could my learning how to plumb or hiring a plumber have stopped us from selling the house? I doubt it. But it sure would have made life there just a little less stressful.

We cannot underestimate how much the little things mean in our home, and nor can we afford to underestimate just how much wisdom and direction we will receive from Yahuah when we simply ASK for it. A wise woman builds her house with her own hands, because even when she doesn’t know how to fix toilets or lights or dry wall or more spiritual matters like porn-exposed children or an overweight family, she seeks her Creator for wisdom and executes His instructions with diligence.

A foolish woman will watch things ruin and not have any urgency to intervene. She is unaccountable, does not guard her home against the weathering of time, and does not have an answer as to why this or that is not being taken care of. This verse reminds me that as the keeper of my home, it is my responsibility to be watchful and proactive in applying what I know or being willing to learn in order to rise to the challenge of having a home or family, however that may look.

“Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in behaviour, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of what is good, in order for them to train the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, blameless, workers at home, good, subject to their own husbands, so that the word of Elohim is not evil spoken of.”

Titus 2:3-5

I strive to be both the older woman and the younger woman in this passage. Reverent and honorable, not speaking ill of anyone, sober, wise in word, a lover of my husband, a lover of my children, sensible, holy, diligent in my home, upright, submissive, and giving glory to YAH.

That’s what Biblical womanhood is all about. The internet would have us think it’s about wearing dresses, taking beautiful pictures in wheat fields, and having the perfect Instagram-worthy home. But our calling is of holiness, sobriety, submission, kindness, wisdom, and fellowship. This verse is a gentle reminder of what should be a priority in my life and self-development. Anything else can take the backseat.

“But she shall be saved through childbearing, if they continue in belief, and love, and set-apartness, with sensibleness.”

1 Timothy 2:15

This verse refers to Eve, or women as a whole, and how her position of authority is under the direction of a man, her head, because of her sin against EL YAH by offering Adam the forbidden fruit. In spite of this, we find salvation, love, relief, and joy through childbearing. I think that’s amazing. I love this verse.

It clarifies, too, only if we continue in faith, love, holiness and sobriety. This verse is a reminder to me that something very good awaits me when I choose to be faithful, have love, choose the upright thing whenever I can, and remain sober in body and mind and emotion– especially in the endeavor to glorify YAHUAH in my children’s lives.

It’s a reminder that my calling and my work is meaningful, and that Yahuah has presented an opportunity for me to offer a sacrifice of sweet-smelling savor unto Him with my mothering. I think of this verse and take a deep breath, brush off the small stuff, and remember to be gentle. Which leads us to the next verse that inspires my homemaking.

“But the Fruit of the Spirit is… gentleness…”

Galatians 5:22-23

How easy is it to overlook this one. It is my favorite. Many wives and mothers from what I’ve seen tend to lose this gentleness as the years wear on their nerves and patience. Instead of gently reminding their husbands of something urgent, they nag. Instead of gently correcting their children (over small stuff), they degrade or insult them. When they are frustrated, they slam doors and cabinets, and do things with a very noticeable fury.

We rebuke our friends with a sharp tongue, or retract from vulnerability with a sharp rejection. I like that when YAH is present in a woman, He will produce gentleness in her. It’s one of the telltale signs for me, of whether myself or someone else is in fellowship with Him.

When I sense myself losing that gentleness, I take a moment to myself, kneel down, and seek it from Him. I ask Him to soften me, to touch my heart, to give me His patience, and reorient my focus. I think of gentleness as a woman’s natural disposition, because it is our nature (this is where I remind you that this blog is full of my opinions and it’s okay to disagree). If we lose gentleness, we have done so as a response to life: attitudes against us, inconsideration from others, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, or anything else. Then it is encumbered upon us to confront our response, re-orient ourselves towards glorifying YAH, and make it a habit to respond to life in the Fruits of the Spirit.

“Love… is not easily provoked…”

1 Corinthians 13:5

This one is like gentleness in that it really jumps off the page and seems to be less spoken of. Love is patient, love is kind, love is all these things, and love is also not easily provoked.

Not easily provoked into speaking unkindly or raising the voice; not easily provoked into giving up or turning away from someone in need; not easily provoked to wrath or bitterness. Not easily provoked, as in, it’s going to take waaaay more than what you just did for me to stop being holy, fair, or righteous towards you. That’s a kind of love that isn’t contingent upon what we see with our eyes or feel in our hearts. It comes from Above.

“Because we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against authorities, against the world-rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual matters of wickedness in the heavenlies.”

Ephesians 6:12

I love this verse as a homemaker. It is a reminder, when I’m upset or hurt by or frustrated with my family, or disappointed that something didn’t go my way, or anxious about something happening, that this battle is not flesh and blood. Therefore it cannot be fought with the tools of flesh and blood.

This verse does a great job in disarming me, too. If someone in my home says something unsavory towards me, and I remember this verse, I recognize that it is a spirit. And I decided to not attack the person by responding with my own unsavory words; but instead attack that dark spirit by responding with prayer and supplication or intercession. Likewise, when expenses become greater than our income, or when we struggle in parenting, or when literally anything inconvenient happens, I am disarmed from responding according to the flesh, and instead gird my loins with virtue and put on the Armor of YAH.

It really takes the stress off of my flesh to fight, and keeps me in my prayer room… my next and final Scripture.

“Pray without ceasing.”

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Do not stop praying. In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening; while cooking, while cleaning, while folding; while speaking, while bathing, while shopping, while responding to emails, while paying bills.

“Keep the phone off the hook” is how we like to put it in our home. Prayer changes things, and we must engage in this sacred act in order to receive wisdom, touch grace, and remain connected to YAH. Prayer alone has done wonders on my home, my homemaking and my heart. I love praying, and I love that Scripture reminds us over and over how important of a discipline it is in the ordering of our daily lives.

Prayer changes the trajectory of the mundane into something more extraordinary. Not because what I’m doing is different, but my heart is facing a different direction, my ears are opened, my hands seek to honor my Creator, and I have made room for YAHUAH in my life.

In conclusion, as a Biblical homemaker, it is essential to root one’s homemaking journey in the Word of YAHUAH. The Bible provides us with guidance and inspiration to conduct ourselves, treat others, and manage our households. The 10 scriptures shared in this post are a reminder to cultivate a heart of service, prioritize our relationships, and build our homes on the foundation of YAH. As homemakers, we must remember that we are serving the Master, not just men, and that our work, no matter how small, can glorify Him. Let us strive to build our homes with wisdom and not tear them down with our hands, remembering that unless YAHUAH builds our house, our labor is in vain, and that nothing will lead us better than He will.

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