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Yahuah (bless His Name) orders marriage to be the standard for any and all sex and sexual activities. He makes it plain and simple, from what is prohibited/forbidden, to how to proceed in the case of offenses such as rape or bastard children.

Whoredom and whoremongering are among the forbidden sexual acts, but why? What does it look like? How can we avoid it?

None whore/No strumpet* shall be of the daughters of Israel, neither a lecher** of the sons of Israel.

Deuteronomy 23:17

*a strumpet is a prostitute and/or a woman who engages in casual sex

**a lecher is a man who loves, creates, and encourages whores/whoredom

(Let me preface this post by saying that here at The Hebrew Housewife, whoredom is a two way street! Women can’t be whores without lustful whoremongers, and men cannot be whoremongers without ready and willing whores! Neither side is absolved of accountability.)

Why Does Torah Forbid Whoredom?

It’s quite simple. Torah forbids whoredom due to the fruit it produces, which is the opposite of YAHUAH’s plan for His Family.

A few effects of whoredom:

  • bastard children
  • idolatry of humans and strange gods
  • lack of family structure, which results in children who grow up in an unorderly households, becoming unorderly adults
  • STD’s and plagues
  • pedophilia and child molestation
  • rape
  • murder and manslaying (since according to Torah, if a man lays with another man’s wife, both that man as well as that whore shall be put to death justly)
  • shame on families and family names
  • forsaking of the way of YAHUAH, turning to strange nations and their customs
  • unbridled anger
  • unrighteous lust and tempting of souls

So what is Yahuah’s plan for sex?

When He first created man and woman, he put only one of each in The Garden of Eden, so we know that first, this is a relationship ordained for only two people* who become one flesh.


He told us to be fruitful and multiply. Whoredom does not produce Good fruit, and it doesn’t multiply the Glory of YAHUAH– it only multiplies more whoredom.

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“Therefore every tree that maketh not good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire.”

Matthew 3:10

What Does Whoredom Look Like?

Whoredom is pretty clearly defined in Torah. To keep things simple, whoredom is anything that is not singularly ordained by YAH, or steps outside of His will, whether it be sexual or spiritual acts!

A few things which constitute as whoredom includes (but not limited to):

  • sex before marriage
  • sexual affairs outside of marriage
  • having sex with someone who is endowed to/betrothed to someone else (considered theft)
  • rape and molestation (considered theft)
  • shamelessness
  • idolatry of strange gods/ANY god but YAHUAH
  • strange doctrines (new age spirituality, ancient occultism, fraternities/sororities, witchcraft, wizardry, tarot card, seeking the dead, psychics*etc)

*being psychic is not inherently bad if YAHUAH gave someone a gift, but if we do not use our gifts for YAHUAH, then we are using them for the world which is the exact definition of whoredom.

Whoredom is when we take what YAH gives us, and give it to the world

We can even learn from King David’s stumble, peace be upon him. King David witnessed Sister Bathsheba bathing on the rooftop. She was a married woman, married to King David’s right hand man and best friend, Uriah.

King David wanted to take her for himself, and ended up getting her pregnant. He knew that he could hide behind the laws of Torah that says a widow can and should be remarried, especially if she was a noble woman (as was Sister Bathsheba). So, he ordered Brother Uriah to lead the Israelites into battle, but he told the army to pull back and let Uriah go forth by himself, resulting in Uriah’s death.

As a result, King David married Sister Bathsheba but fell from Kingdom. Their first son was put to death by The Most High as a result of David’s whoredom and shedding of blood. However, King David later repented, was forgiven by Yah (HALAL YAHUAH), and Sister Bathsheba later gave birth to King Solomon.

How Can We Avoid Whoredom?

Let’s look at King David’s stumble:

  1. He WATCHED a naked and shameless woman
  2. He set his heart upon her, to take her for himself
  3. He devised a plan to get her without ‘breaking’ the law
  4. He got her pregnant

First step to avoiding whoredom, is protecting our eyes! What we see with our eyes will either lead our hearts to Yah or to destruction– with no middle ground!

The second step is to set our hearts upon YAHUAH, not on the things of the world, no matter what it is. Just as King David could have had any (available) woman in the land who was just as or even more beautiful than Bathsheba, YOU can have anything (that is GOOD FRUIT) that you want and need that is exceedingly, abundantly above and above all you could wish, hope, think and imagine according to Ephesians 3:20.

Thirdly, we lean not unto our own understanding. The world tells us that desire for the things of the world is natural and that we shouldn’t starve ourselves of our desires. The slogan of satanists is “Do as thou wilt.” Meaning, do whatever you want. This isn’t YAHUAH’s plan nor does it respect His Will. More importantly, it results in destruction in multiple ways as I’m sure you’ve already learned for yourself by trial and error.

The Scripture tells us we NEED Yahuah’s wisdom, as His wisdom is what gives us length of says, or a long, fruitful life.

Fourth, we seek to plant seeds of RIGHTEOUSNESS. I will share with you that I had a daughter at 17 with a friend I had known since middle school. However, I was unmarried, so this was considered whoredom. I love my daughter more than I love myself, but there is still to this day so much pain and bondage between she and I, and she will forever be a remnant of my whoredom no matter how much I am transformed by YAH, and that’s the cold hard truth!

Had I protected my eyes, I wouldn’t have let my heart go astray from YAHUAH. Had I set my heart upon YAHUAH instead of the world (affection from men and to be a mother when YAH had ALL the affection and fruit to give me) then I wouldn’t have leaned on my own understanding. And if I would’ve instead trusted YAH to guide my steps towards the righteous fulfillment of the desire he put in my heart to be a mother, then my daughter would have a complete family, and I wouldn’t be a shame to my family or to YAHUAH.

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Even though I am now married and have since put whoredoms behind me, much like David’s case, you just can’t reverse, undo, or get back certain things.

The best part about King David’s story, though, is YAHUAH’s salvation in his life. King David repented, and Yah was merciful and just to forgive. He did it for David, He’s done it for me, and He will do it for you!

The poison of whoredom and why it’s forbidden is because it doesn’t just effect those directly involved– it pollutes the whole city with a ripple effect, tearing apart families, causing heartache, and bringing shame into the land.

Thankfully, Our Groom has called us to The Altar. Let’s show up today and put whoredoms behind us, Zion, and build this New City!

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