Gardening is in my bones

I remember watching my grandmother till the soil and I would walk behind her, drop the seeds into the holes, and then she would cover the seeds up and I would water.

Every year when it was harvest time, I headed outside to pick tomatoes, green  beans, okra, cabbage and so much more. I never knew that many years later I would be  gardening just like her, but I’m so glad that the The Most High instilled those beautiful traits in me, like our foremothers, to grow food from the Earth.

We have to remember our HANDS ARE  BLESSED, so whatever we put out, will bring forth fruit, as long as you’re praying for your harvest to be bountiful, serving The Most High (as in following his commandants as they are written to the best of our ability), then he will bless your harvest. 

Gardening is very therapeutic to me. It’s [also] great workout LOL, because you are squatting,  bending, reaching, sweating etc.. By the time you are done you have burned lots of calories.  You also get that good ole vitamin D, The Most High’s medicine. That sun will make you feel so energized, you’ll be out in the garden for 2 hours and you’ll be tired yet feel completely renewed.  

Get your family involved in your gardening activities

Especially when it’s time to harvest. Let them help you pick berries, veggies, pull up carrots, dig for potatoes and more. It’s fun for them, especially when they can pick strawberries, blueberries, raspberries because they’re going to pick and eat which is what we all love to do. Let your children water the garden also.  

Speaking about watering the garden, your garden needs lots of water because in the summer  months, the sun is HOT and your plant stems will start drooping if they are thirsty.  

How do you start a garden? 

You can start small with container gardening or you can start big with pallet gardening or bin gardening. I started off small doing container gardening right on my back deck. That’s where you use flower pots (small and big), and put your soil, seeds in, water and watch it grow so nicely.

This is great for folks that live in apartments, condos or its your first year gardening and you want to just try it out. 

Pallet & Garden Bin Gardening 

Pallets are FREE ya’ll so load up! You can make garden bins out of 2×4 or you can purchase them  from the store (they can be pricey).

Arrange your pallets/garden bins how you want them in your yard and fill with compost, potting soil (you can get 40lb bags of soil at Ace Hardware if you  have that store), newspaper or cardboard at the bottom, then soil at the top (that’s to [keep soil-buying more budget-friendly]).

I put egg shells, coffee grounds, banana peels and hydrogen peroxide in my soil as my fertilizer mix. After I pour my soil in my pallets, I let it sit for about a week, mix really well, then I put my seedlings and seeds in the soil and off they grow. 

Scriptures about gardening and harvest 

Amos 9:14 they shall also make gardens, and eat the fruit of them. 

Deuteronomy 11:10 where thou sowedst thy seed, and wateredst it with thy foot, as a  garden of herbs. 

Isaiah 65:21 and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them. 

Just remember

You got this with The Most Highs help! Get your hands dirty and watch your  beautiful garden grow. 

Shalom I’m Giah, married to my best friend for 25yrs, mama of 6 and homeschool teacher. I love to sew, garden, read and watch crime shows. I have a New Jersey accent but have lived in rural country in Maryland for the past 17yrs. I love reading TMH’s word, sisterhood and helping others. | IG: @ChatWithGiah


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