Submission isn’t easy, especially since men aren’t perfect. The true goal of submission however, isn’t just to give our power away to our husbands (submission isn’t giving up our power at all, really), but to realize that YAHUAH has all power, not just in the world but in our home, too; and thus, we can safely do and be as He instructs.

I have enjoyed submission, and much of this is due to the gentle lovingkindness Mr. Driver has shown me within our marriage. While I do submit to please YAH first and foremost, being humble, silent and peaceable brings me pleasure because I know what type of man leads our home, and I see how my submission both honors and delights him daily. It honestly does delight me to delight him.

If we’re waiting on our husband to be Christ before we submit… then frankly, we’ll never submit. Yes, our husbands are to be Christ-like, but unlike Christ, sometimes they fall short. However, when we can take notice of their strengths and focus instead on their qualities that are conducive to a healthy marriage, we are one step closer to seeing our husbands in a holy light, and worthy of submission.

Here are five things my husband has done that makes it easier for me to submit!

He is a consistent provider

My husband does not make excuses to provide. When we first met, he was not shy with his resources and making it known that he sees me as an investment. One thing he does that makes submission easier, is not going astray from providing even after a few years, periodic unemployment, and economic uncertainty. He hasn’t turned aside from this expression of love, and for me, nothing beats being able to rest and nest knowing my husband will take care of it—or rather, he will let YAH use him in providing.

He covers me in prayer each night

Hearing my husband speak intimately to his Creator about me and on my behalf simply subdues my anxious spirit. No matter if he’s thanking YAH for me or asking YAH to watch over me, when my husband covers me in prayer I melt into his arms even more. It helps me feel safe, remember I am covered, and motivates me to be a better, more holy wife.

He leads me in Bible study

I’m so blessed to have a husband who takes the lead in this area. He chooses our topics, precepts, passages, and focuses when we come together in The Word. He prioritizes time in The Word with me. He leads me in fasting. He keeps my mind on things above, not on things of the earth. And he doesn’t let me make excuses for not adhering to the teachings of Adonai, YAHUSHA.

I love this one in particular because the Scripture makes it clear that men are to be spiritual leaders, and that women should learn from their own husbands. I don’t have to run to YouTube, Instagram, or anyone else when I have questions or concerns because even when my husband doesn’t know the answer, he’s willing to walk with me and this is what matters the most!

He makes, reserves, and prioritizes time with me

I have no question as to whether I am important to my husband because he shows me in how he rations his time. While he often works long hours and regularly goes to the gym right after, he communicates with me about his schedule and makes it clear that he has intentional plans for our time together.

Whether it’s reading comics together (something we thoroughly enjoy), intimacy, or just undivided attention, my husband does not make excuses for spending time with me and I love that so much. I can submit easier to him during moments where I miss him when he’s away, because I know and trust that he’s thinking about me as much as I’m thinking about him, and that he won’t hesitate to show me! Since I know this, I can focus my heart on my tasks and chores with rest, and fully refresh myself in preparation for quality time I’m certain lies ahead.

He walks a straight walk

This is the most important thing my husband does that makes submission easier. There’s nothing he can say or do that will impact me more, than choosing to be obedient to his own Master, first.

I see my husband study, pray, serve, be prudent, wise, controlled, gentle, merciful, thankful and patient. He confesses his sin, acknowledges when he is wrong, and he makes decisions with our family in mind. He turns the other cheek, he flees strife and discord, and everything my husband teaches me, are things he implements in his own walk. Most of all, he is holy, unlike the men of the world, and isn’t afraid to go against the grain.

I know he loves YAHUAH and that he is a man after His own heart, just like King David. Submitting to him is easier not because of what he does for me, but because of what he does for YAH. Knowing that he is working to submit to Yah, brings me comfort because I understand that in this, I am also submitting to Yah through my husband.

Submission is and always will be a personal choice, and shouldn’t be conditional since it’s what YAH requires of wives. The choice only gets easier when you’re certain your husband is a follower of The Most High, mistakes and all. I love my husband very much, and I strive to honor him each day. Prayerfully, YAH will keep building a wife in me who is fit to help a husband such as the one I’ve been given.

What are some things your husband does to make submission easier for you? Let’s hear them ????????????


  1. Wow…. your blog is so wow sis all praises TMH for using you as a vessel… like wow sis, all praises!!!!!! YAPAH BLOG.

    1. Shalawam Ahchwathya. A sister shared this with me ,and I am very greatful to have read what you have shared with us women. This was more then on time for me. I will be a constant reader and listener to your station along with studying the Father’s word. Thank you very much .and all praises to Ahayah for blessing you with the spirit to want and help support your sisters in these area. Im understanding that inorder to receive the love and kindness you desire from your head( husband) depends on the respect and trust you have in him. How do you gain respect towards your husband?

      1. Shalom Sister Kayalah ???? I Praise Yah for you! Thank you so much.

        Remember this: love for women means affection. Love for men means respect. If our husband aren’t affectionate we often mistake this for a lack of love. It’s kind of similar with men. If you don’t honor his wishes, do things his way, or you constantly belittle him, then frankly he’s going to wonder if you love him and likely grow distant where affection is concerned.

        1. Respect for your husband is GIVEN, not earned. He is a respectable man just because he is YOUR husband. It is your duty and honor to reverence him, according to the WORD. Don’t let this be feelings based. Fear him with the fear of YAHUAH.

        2. When you feel yourself about to do or say something disrespectful, pause and seek the Ruach HaQodesh. Trust in YAHUAH with all your heart and lean not into your own understanding . LOOK TO HIM in all your ways and He will show you which path to take.

        3. Write down his most respectable qualities in your journal. Surely he has some. Is he a consistent provider? Does he always give his best? What do you love the most about him as your husband? These are perfect reasons to respect him even though these don’t determine your respect for him.

        4. Get to the root of your irreverence. Do you feel afraid of him? Does he annoy you? Does he neglect your needs? Does he laugh when you are hurt? Try to really understand the cause behind why you don’t respect him. Then, ask yourself if these are good enough reasons for you to disobey The Most High by not giving your husband respect. Submit these reasons to Yah. Pray over them DAILY. Pray without ceasing.

        5. Do you know what respect looks like to your husband? A lot of the time we as women think we’re being respectful if we always keep a clean house. But what if hot food on time is more of a priority to your husband? What are your husbands priorities for you? Has he given you any orders? Have you made any promises to him you need to fulfill? Is there something that’s important to him but not so important to you? You can’t respect him if you don’t obey him, and you can’t obey him if you don’t really know his heart and desires. Maybe you can write a list of his priorities, desires and instructions he’s given you

        6. Humble yourself. When you want to rolls your eyes, lower them. When you want to talk back, lower your head instead. When you disagree with his ideas or leadership, pray on it instead. Keep your mouth closed and your eyes open, so you can SEE and HEAR Yah on these moments. The humility may sting for a second but you WILL feel Yah if you do ALL things as unto YAH.

        7. GET IN YOUR WORD DAILY. There are so many Holy women in the Word to learn from. Learn about them, their mannerisms, their humility, their grace, and their discernment. There are also countless instructions in Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Sirach on getting wisdom, how to navigate life, and what to do in certain situations. Get wisdom primarily and you will never fall apart. Prioritize wisdom and you will see glory. The fear of YAHUAH is the beginning of all wisdom. And wisdom is worth more than rubies and choice silver.

  2. What a blessing, dear Achoti! Thank you so much for being a willing submitted helpmeet to your husband. You are a beautiful example of a set- apart vessel for Yahuah’s glory. Blessings and providence upon your husband’s household.

    1. HalleluYAH what are we without His Mercies! Thank you for this blessing, Sister. I fully receive it on behalf of my home and I return it to you tenfold in the power, glory and anointing of Yahusha HaMashayach!!!

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