Everybody has pet peeves. As a homemaker, somethings are easy to overlook. And others… well, they make me question everything I’ve ever known.

20 of my personal biggest homemaking pet peeves:

1. Dirty Knobs, Handles, Remotes, Etc.

The mop handle. The sink knobs. The stereo remote. The pan handle. I don’t care what it is. I cringe and grimace so hard when I go to turn on something or pick up something and it’s grimy, slimy, gritty or textured beyond what it’s supposed to be.

2. Shoes On My Carpet

Shoes coming off as soon as you step in my house. Sorry not sorry. I have carpet everywhere except the bathrooms and kitchen, and who doesn’t have time to be scrubbing 90% of the floors because of dirty shoes is me.

3. Hair in the Tub, Sink or Countertop

YUCK! It just screams unsanitary, lol. Even if it’s there for a brief moment. Even if it’s just one strand. I feel like the entire bathroom is dirty if I’m seeing even a little bit of hair.

4. The Smell of Overdone Eggs

Not many food smells make me nauseous… but burnt or overdone eggs is definitely one. It smells so putrid, funky and spoiled. My mood is instantly ruined if the aromas of overcooked eggs fills my home. Windows go up, air freshener gets sprayed, and candles get lit. I just can’t handle it.

5. Grocery Shopping Without a Meal Plan

I’ve learned very early on that shopping without a meal plan is one of the most pointless things you can do as a homemaker, and one of biggest ways to blow money at the store. I’d end up buying snacks, ingredients, breads, etc. but when it was time to put a meal together, this was missing or that was the wrong type of whatever. Now I can’t imagine even making a grocery list unless I’ve already written down what’s on our menu for the week!

6. Smelly Bathroom

This is a normal part of life, I guess… But we have an en suite bathroom, meaning the bathroom is attached to our bedroom. When the bathroom stinks, sometimes our bedroom begins to stink. And we have zero windows in our en suite :(. It takes true patience on my behalf, even with my own smells. A bathroom is such a small, enclosed space. Being trapped inside with smelly smells is just prison for me, honestly. I will even spray my most expensive parfum to rid of the yuckies.

7. Crazy Closets

Just looking at it makes me sigh. If I open a closet door and what I see is disorganized shoes, clothes strewn all over, and the inability to decipher what’s clean and what’s not… then I immediately feel overwhelmed and close the door as quickly as possible. Even when I can get to what I need. I just can’t bare to look at it, let alone think about cleaning it up.

8. Scrubbing Stubborn Pots and Pans

Maybe I’m lazy… There’s just something about spending hours on a beautiful meal, serving it for everyone, eating it, washing the dishes, and then getting hit with a stubborn char or stain on a big pot at the end of a very long day that just puts me in the mood to scream at the top of my lungs. Like, why can’t you just dissolve away?? Can’t you see I’m at my wit’s end already?
I hit it with that good ol’ “I’ll just let this soak for a bit”. And by a bit, I mean overnight.

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9. Random Dishes in Random Places

Why is my favorite china on the porch? Who left this coffee mug in the bathroom? Is that a spoon under the desk? PLEASE. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY. In the living room, dining room and kitchen is where I can tolerate dishes, otherwise I’m eyeing it down, silently wishing I could use my imaginary telekinetic powers to chunk them at whoever left them out of place!

10. Too Much Noise

From outside, from inside, from my own mind. I tend to prefer everything more silent during the day. Well, I mostly don’t have a choice. My husband works from home, and he requires a pretty quiet environment for success. I used to mind, but now I know how to navigate everything without too much noise. But when the landscaping is getting done, or a TV is on in the background, or even if the dishwasher is just a little too loud, I’m counting down the minutes until it’s silent again.

11. Rejecting Calls Because I’m Busy

Or not responding to texts, too. I miss you, too. I want to talk to you, too. No, it isn’t personal. Yes, I’m very bothered. No, I am not going to explain why I watched the phone ringing and decided not to pick up. It’s a sacrifice for me to forego conversations because I have chores to complete, but it’s a sacrifice I have to make. Don’t be upset with me!

12. Saggy Pillows

Throw pillows, couch cushions, bed pillows, even dog beds for crying aloud! Just thinking about it makes my eye twitch.

13. Leftover Pileups

Why isn’t this fresh corn getting eaten? How have my potatoes gone bad already? How long has this bread been in here? I hate seeing leftovers for too long, and I’m usually a leftover person. But beyond a week and a half, and I start questioning if we should even bother buying more if it’ll end up just sitting there.

14. Food Waste

Especially leftovers. I grew up in an economically unstable home, and we just didn’t waste food because we didn’t have food to waste. Now that I’m in a much better financial place, it’s been hard to break out of the food hoarder mentality. I just hate seeing one day old sandwich meat go in the trash, or a couple potatoes go out due to light molding. You’re probably disgusted, but I can’t help it. I’m inclined to our budget before our health. I’m slowly outgrowing this, though, HalleluYAH.

15. Sticky Surfaces

Is this syrup? Ketchup? Dried juice??? *SIGH* I immediately spray and scrub.

16. Water On the Floor

Unless it’s from a fresh mopping, why is my floor wet? It’s awful when you step in a wet spot while wearing socks. It’s even worse when it’s an invisible soaking wet spot in the carpet and no one knows where it’s come from. Admittedly, I even get aggravated when there’s water on the bathroom floor after someone has showered. I know it’s a part of life, but I don’t want it to be a part of mine!

17. When My Husband Assumes I’ve Had All Day to Lounge, Relax and Goof Around

Sometimes he says, “You’ve gotten to enjoy this more than me.” Or, “How can you be so tired?” Maybe I’ll try rearranging the living room once a day for a little acknowledgment. (Hubby if you’re reading this, I love you ❣)

18. When Others Suggest I’m Not Doing Anything Purposeful With My Life

Hey, you go be a lawyer, doctor or policewoman if that fulfills you. But your career or idea of purpose doesn’t make my vocation any less purposeful or impactful. I believe I can contribute to Yah’s Kingdom in no greater way than to be a keeper at home and love my husband and children. You may not see the value and purpose behind what I choose to do with my life, and that is okay. But keep your derogatory and belittling opinion to yourself (read: watch your mouth ????). Feminism is about choice, right? I’ve made mine, you’ve made yours. No need to protest mine if I don’t protest yours.

19. People Walking Over a Freshly Mopped Floor

What are you doing? Seriously? No, really? Why? I know this isn’t always avoidable, and I appreciate that you at least didn’t walk on it with your dirty shoes… but sheesh. I don’t feel any better after you’ve given me that apologetic frown, either. It makes me want to mop all over again as soon as you leave… but makes me not want to mop because you’ll likely do it again… *face palm*.

20. Feeling Unsatisfied With My Work Unless Everything Smells Like Bleach, Fabuloso, PineSol, or Lavender

I can scrub, wipe, wash, sweep, dust and organize all day but if it doesn’t smell like bleach, Fabuloso, PineSol, or Lavender, then I don’t feel like I’m finished. ????????‍♀️ Call me old school. If it don’t smell clean, then it’s simply not. So after all of my cleaning, I go over everything with an extra wipe or spritz of air freshener or light up a nice candle. Smell is just part of the home experience, and I’m big on smells (in case you can’t already tell) ????.

What are your homemaking pet peeves? ????????????

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  1. Lol pretty much ALL of them. That not feeling satisfied until the whole house smells like bleach, fabuloso, LAVENDER, or pinesol though ????

    AND THAT SILENCE. I get so tired of hearing YouTube and Netflix and yelling. Silence is so nice.

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