I’m going to cut straight to the point:

The world’s business is not my business!

I don’t watch the news; I skip past sensationalized content on the internet (violence, news of war, drama, outrage content, economic failure, etc); and I don’t follow people who continually share about the negative stuff in the world (and yes, sometimes this means end-time prophecy related content).

I have to protect myself, my hormones, my nerves, my immune system, and by proxy, my home and family. Does this mean I’m ignorant about what’s going on in our world? I’m not going to lie, yes, there are plenty of things going on that I don’t bother to investigate. We are all to some degree ignorant. Some don’t know what’s really going on in Ukraine, some don’t know what’s really going on in our home state or even city.

I try to stay up to date with independent journalists or small media companies; but otherwise, I’ve realized that I can’t save the world, so there’s no point in worrying about it.

Yahuah assures us this world and the things thereof shall pass away, and He will make a new thing. I’m focused on the New Thing, New Jerusalem.

There are some things that do pique my interest, though. Like the rise of men going their own way (MGTOW), black women exclusive spaces or creators (BWE), divestors and passport bros (black men and women deciding to stop dating other black people, or just black people in the USA), etc. I do engage from time to time, and I try to stay aware of the state of social affairs, particularly as it pertains to relationships and how marriage is evolving across the world, as this is my niche.

And I see other Israelite women who create content, doing reaction videos of people doing or saying inflammatory things. Things that are worth discussing, like women rebelling, parents over-punishing their kids, our very incompetent president stumbling over his words on the world stage, union strike, militarized police roll-outs, etc. But the reality for me is this:

  1. This type of content doesn’t align with my brand
  2. This type of content doesn’t serve my audience + subscribers
  3. I just don’t have time.

Plus, I think a lot of people in the Israelite world create that kind of content or cover those topics because they trend right when it happens; it’s easy to get traffic with those topics; it’s engaging; and it doesn’t take much brains or energy to do it. Content is king, and many people are just looking to grow their following.

But that’s not my main goal. I’m not focused on growing, reaching as many people as I can, or becoming known. My main goal is connecting with and inspiring women all over the globe who are interested in Biblical femininity, motherhood, homemaking, and marriage. I’m not just looking for people, I’m looking for the right people.

And so far, women like you, don’t come here for sensationalized content. You come here for inspiration, insight, education, and community. You come here because you value the same things I value: homemaking, family, Abba Yah. And you’re likely just trying to get by, day by day, without slipping under the surface– you can’t handle the home and the world, too. You have to pick one, and you always pick the home.

In my eyes, my mission is to help women with homes and families make peace with their calling, find the spiritual tools they need to thrive, and inspire them to be fruitful wives in the Word. We just can’t do that with our eyes on everything but the Word.

That’s another thing, too: the Word is clear, we should focus on things above, not things below. We should think about what is GOOD. We should dwell in the House of YAHUAH even while here, because that’s His invitation, He knows best, and if we are not diligent, our minds can easily become a playground for the enemy who wants us to be scared, anxious, doubtful and ultimately paralyzed.

I think about it like this:

In Judith’s time (and if you haven’t read the book of Judith yet, this is your sign), Israel was un-conquerable. Many of our enemies came up against us and all of them were defeated. Nebudchadnezzar decided he wanted to conquer us but even his team/advisors was like “Well you’re gonna have to get creative, because these people serve a Mighty One; He protects them so long as they serve and obey Him.”

So Nebudchadnezzar was like, “Hmmm how do I get them to disobey him then? I’ll cut off their resources!”

And he did. He blocked their access to water. The land began to dry up so crops died, then animals, then people… and at that point, chaos began to ensue in the city. Nebudchadnezzar moved in, and started camping near the city gates, preparing for the attack, because people could care less about protecting the city– they were hungry and thirsty!

Enter Judith– she said no way! And wept, fasted and prayed, and… well I won’t spoil it for you. You should read it 🙂

Be Judith. See what’s going on and the tricks that are being played and don’t feed into that. That’s what I want to do. A lot of what we see on the world stage has already been planned; and the way that it’s reported is intended to invoke a certain response or ignite a certain belief. That’s called propaganda. It’s very intentional. You may only see 3 reporters sitting at a desk on the news, but there were thirty people in the writer’s room. Believe that.

I don’t have time for such distractions, and I dare not plague you with such distractions either. There are some great Israelite news outlets, people sharing end-time prophecy being fulfilled, people exposing darkness and evil abroad, and people covering stuff that’s happening right in our community. And that’s okay, necessary even. I’m just not one of them. It’s not my calling.

Lastly, it’s not the example I hope to set for my children. Some things are just not our business, especially when we’re on a divine quest or mission. If Abba says go up to the mountain and sacrifice your son, but you say “Well so and so didn’t have to do that…” I think Abba would say “And what that got to do with you?”

What I will say is…

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What are your thoughts?

Raabasha Alohalani

I’m a little Israelite woman with a little faith in a big Master. Through cultivating a relationship with The Most High Redeemer of Israel, I’ve overcome suicidal tendencies, body dysmorphia, porn addiction, depression, and the darkness of envy! As a wife and a mommy, it is my earnest desire to share love and open a space for Hebrew, Israelite, and believing women alike who want to help build this City on A Hill. Let's discover His New Mercies each day, and take baby steps towards Shemayim!????