The Good-Looking Wife by Raabasha Alohalani

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Have you tapped into the power of looking good as a woman, as a wife, and as a pillar in the Kingdom? And I don’t mean vanity or worldly beauty. I mean the ethereal, supreme beauty with which Eve was crafted for Adam? Somehow, in the endeavor to embody Biblical Womanhood, we’ve convinced ourselves that our appearance isn’t important. While the Word says our appearance is not as important as our hearts, it does not excuse us from maintaining ourselves, especially as wives.

The Good-Looking Wife is for believing women who:

  • want to understand their husband’s needs and how men think about physical appearance
  • see their own struggles in maintaining a feminine presentation and want to change
  • have the desire to invest in her marriage in every way she can
  • is willing to defend her marriage with the WORD of Yahuah.

Through this brief read, I walk you through the Power of Looking Good, Why Husbands Care, Why Wives Must Care, How to Keep Things Simple, and include a 7-Day Devotional at the end with the aim of restoring our care, enhancing our intention, and getting to the core of what makes a woman truly attractive to her husband.


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“The devil wants everyone EXCEPT married couples having sex. So he will use whatever tactics he can in order to destroy your sex life. Some are obvious, like adultery, pornography or abuse. But other tactics the devil may use to destroy your sexual bond can be more subtle, like convincing both partners they no longer have work to do in maintaining this bond. For men this means he stops creating a sensual and romantic experience around sex, simply turning it into a transaction. For women, this could mean she stops incorporating that visual stimulation men need, simply reducing sex to a matter of atmosphere (something damn near impossible for men).”

– Chapter 2: Why Husbands Care, The Good-Looking Wife

Is there anything more difficult for the modern aspiring Biblical wife to understand than that looking good is absolutely part of her wifely duties? On the one hand, we are told that men are visual creatures, that they need to have visual stimuli in order to feel intimate desire. And yet, on the other hand, Scripture warns women against vanity, reminds us that beauty fades, and encourages us to put away fancy garments in favor of a meek and quiet spirit.

And yet 7 out of 10 men report that they would be emotionally upset if their wife let herself go and made no attempt to look good ever. Studies have also showed that while men care about looks the same throughout their lifetime, women apparently begin to care less about looks after age 35.

This means that while one partner’s needs and considerations are changing, the other’s isn’t.

In The Good-Looking Wife, I uncover the why for the modern Biblical wife– why husbands care, why we must care, how we can recover our feminine presentation, and I include a practical, Scripture-based 7-day devotional.


2 reviews for The Good-Looking Wife by Raabasha Alohalani

    Stacy Smith
    February 6, 2023
    Thank you so much. This book took me to a place that I needed to go. I am about to get my planner and write out for myself a simple routine that I can stick to. I loved everything about what you shared. Also, your podcast is FIRE! I am always checking for the next episode. Much love and blessings to your household...
    January 29, 2023
    Thank you for your teachings and the convictions to help us women to be the wives Yah instructed us to be. Blessings to you and your family!
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