Is there a task in your life you were given by The Most High?

A task essential to your life’s purpose, your servitude to Yah, and maybe even your ministry to others?

A task that you didn’t intentionally dismiss, or purposefully disobey? Yet, some way, somehow– this task is either being done halfway or not being done at all?

Life got in the way. You are human after all. You’ve got family, maybe a marriage, a job or two, perhaps a garden, and all these different appointments and dinners and volunteering and extracurricular with the kids…

It’s not that you didn’t want to do it. It’s not even as if it wasn’t on your mind. It’s always on your mind. But between the chores, the bills, the errands, and the rest you so desperately need… the task just seemed to fade to the back of your mind.

Is this any different than Jonah?

His story is a little similar.

Yah told Jonah to visit Nineveh where the Syrians, the enemies of Israel, were partaking in all sorts of abominable pleasures– sin expressly prohibited. He was supposed to let them know, if they didn’t repent and turn away from their abominations, that The Most High would visit them like He visited Sodom and Gomorrah.

Jonah said “….Nah.” Perhaps it was because he wanted to see his enemies be destroyed. He got on a boat to Tarshish heading the complete opposite direction, deciding that the Assyrians in Nineveh deserved all the indignation that was coming their way. He left them to their demise and thought it best to prioritize his own escape before all hell literally broke loose.

He directly disobeyed Yah without a second thought. He didn’t do it half way. He didn’t bother telling one person. He didn’t hold up a sign that said “Repent”. He didn’t try a single attempt. He didn’t even pray to Yah and ask why or how. He simply said no and turned away.

Maybe Yah gave you a special gift, talent, or resource, and he wants you to do something for him. It could be your cooking. It could be your designing. It could be your singing. It could be your homemaking. It could be your art. It could be your gardening. It could even be your parenting or your wealth or your occupation.

He has appointed you a task, and it means a lot to him. Not just so you bring glory to His Most Glorious Name. Not just so you feel fulfilled. Not just so you are recognized and pestered with that famous question “How do you do it?” just for you to say “It’s all God” when your heart is truly prouder than Goliath’s.

But to save souls. To open a door for sinners to walk into His Grace again. For the redemption of lives, relationships, and covenants. Abba is in the business of redeeming souls. He’s asking you to make a sacrifice today, for the salvation of others, that THEY may hear of His Fame and seek Him out. That THEY may be found. That THEY would not be forsaken.

For me, this task was this blog. I was blessed with the understanding of language, and the gift of a scribe. I have spent my whole life writing fiction, poetry, journal entries and music for my own pleasure or for the pleasure of the world. But back in October 2019 when I began this blog, I wrote about my why’s here as well as on the about me page. In short, I was moved to share my life with you guys as an Israelite woman and housewife, provide resources and fellowship, and testify of the goodness of Yah and how He Works So Wonderfully.

I’m sort of an accidental Jonah myself, though. Lately so much has been occurring. Between quarantine, fighting for custody of my daughter, riots and protests, financial cutbacks, and most recently my brother being admitted to the hospital– I haven’t had the time or the energy to even desire paying this blog any attention at all.

Of course, it’s been on my mind. But it would swiftly be pushed aside as I considered all the other things on my plate. At some points, I even thought, “What’s the point? No one cares about what I’ve got to say anyway. No one’s listening. I might as well just keeping focusing on my own life and how I’m going to clean up this disaster.”

This was Jonah’s mentality. “Yah is already merciful. He can accomplish what He needs to without me. Why should I do this task? Why should I risk being ridiculed, called crazy, or outcast for telling sinners to stop sinning? He will spare them anyway. I’ve got enough on my plate.”

Accidental or intentional, one cannot simply be outside of Yah’s will and be considered obedient.

“Many are called, but few are chosen.”

Matthew 22:14

I often preach this. There’s a line between called and chosen. The line is obedience.

You can be called to share your life for the glory of Our Most Heavenly Father. But only with obedience in your calling are you named chosen among His Elect/Mashiachim (Christs/Messiahs/Anointed).

Were you called? Will you be chosen? Will you obey? Will you sacrifice in the midst of your confusion? Will you try in the wake of your fears? Will you cry out in the face of your self doubt?

I pray that whoever you are, wherever you are, your calling will come into swift remembrance and that you will execute with diligence. More importantly, that The Holy Ruach would guide you to seek Yah for direction regarding your calling, and that you would discover more of His Embrace and Peace in the process. AMEN!


  1. HalleluYAH, many are called but few are chosen indeed. All it takes is for us to surrender to The Father in spirit and in truth. Our hearts has be in tuned with The Fathers, and for us to always ask for His will to be done, and not our ways. Often times we would say “ Father not my will but you’re will, but then we are quick to figure things out on our own, leaning into our own understanding, and when we don’t see nothing happening, we wonder why —not realizing our disobedience has caused our dismay. All will be well with due diligence and seeking the father intentionally.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. It’s such a privilege to be called and chosen. God didn’t need to call us. He didn’t need to choose us. I find it helps if I keep that in mind. It gives life more of a sense of meaning and purpose too as it takes the focus off my feelings and my life!!!

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