As women, we look to our heads for support, leadership, and protection. Have you ever considered what it would look like to offer those things to your husband in a feminine, biblical way? I want to talk about what it looks like specifically to protect your husband. In prayer and reflection, Yahuah has led me to these 5 ways to offer protection to your husband’s mind, body, and image.

“When Delilah saw that he had told her all that was in his heart, she sent and called the Lords of the Philistines, saying, “Come up once more, for he has told me all that is in his heart.” Then the Lords of the Philistines came up to her and brought the money in their hands. She made him sleep on her knees, and called for a man and had him shave off the seven locks of his hair. Then she began to afflict him, and his strength left him.”

Judges 16:18-19

1. Guard his secrets.

As women, we have this compulsion to talk about anything and everything. Many of us process events, thoughts, and emotions verbally. it’s the way in which we are hard-wired. Here is the danger in that. Your husband will misstep. He is human. This is one of the reasons Messiah Yahusha came to shed his blood, “For we all have sinned and fallen short of his glory.” In protecting your spouse, you need to be mindful of what things you share and to whom you share them with.

Some secrets you share, can put you, your spouse, and your marriage in danger. The story of Samson and Delilah is one of a wife, betraying her husband by sharing his vulnerability with the enemy. You may be like, “Well I’m not going to share his secrets with a group of armed Philistines.” The enemy is crafty. The enemy can and will come to you as a friend, a wise counsel, or an innocent companion all the while intending to you harm to your spouse and your marriage. You need to pray and ask for wisdom before opening your mouth concerning your spouse. You may be giving that person the ammunition they need to destroy your union.

One aspect of this that many do that you should think about is, complaining about your spouse to family or friends. If the person you’re speaking to doesn’t possess all seven of the spirits of Yah as we are told in Isaiah 11:2. The enemy may use them to attack your union. Not only that, you may resolve the issue with your spouse an hour later, but that family member and friend won’t do the same. In their mind, you may have permanently damaged your spouse’s image in their eyes.

As women, I know we have this compulsion to share, begin being prayerful about what you share and to whom. Journaling your thoughts and emotions can be just as powerful and talking about them, and it also provides as aspect of protection for your husband. In this, his esteem of you will rise because you are guarding him and showing respect for him, his heart, and his image.

2. Spiritual warfare.

“But the men reached out their hands and brought Lot into the house with them, and shut the door. They struck the men who were at the doorway of the house with blindness, both small and great, so that they wearied themselves trying to find the doorway.”

Genesis 19:10-11

Women have a higher level of perception in the spirit realm. Because of this, we are the first line of defense in battle. The serpent went to Eve first, one reason for this in theology is the spiritual sensitivity of women. If Eve would have stood and fought in that moment, she would have protected her husband and all of her descendants from the fall. That same is true of you, dear sister.

You likely see issues coming towards your husband or your family, a million miles away. You may have a mate that is responsive to you and harkens every time you give warning. You may not. Here is the thing about that, Abba Yah doesn’t give you warning to speak on them every single time. This is why you must pray when you are given these insights on how you need to respond. No matter how your partner responds, your job is to shore up the defenses in your family by fasting, praying; and being obedient to Yah. Moving like this will help you protect your husband and your family while allowing him to remain the head.

An example of this is, the Most High tells you that it’s time to move to a new home or location. Your husband may not see that because he has a great job, your current home is paid for, and it’s outside of his budget to move.

Instead of fighting him in this matter, moving into your masculine energy, or stepping out of the will of Yahuah, spend time fasting and praying for further instructions. Pray over your husband’s mind, eyes, and ears that he will have the eyes to see and the ears to hear the will of Abba Yah concerning your family moving. Then begin to move in silence. Sort through your clothes to see what can be given away. Pack up items you know you want to take with you. Start giving away the items that you don’t.

By the time he realizes the truth, he won’t have a battle with you.

You can say, “Okay” and you will have less work to do at one time, because you’ve already done some of that work.

In protecting your man in this way, he will be more open to hearing you the next time. He will be shown your absolute value as a help meet, and you can preserve the peace in your home. And make sure you pray about that, “I told you so” urge!

3. Protection from divisive attacks.

You’re likely not unaccustomed to divisive attacks in your marriage. It may be flirty women, pushy family members, or even unwise counsel whispering in one of your ears. All of these things are designed to be divisive attacks on your union. This is something that you should try to be aware of so that you and your husband remain a united front.

This may look like you both praying and agreeing on specific plans of action concerning a mother-in-law without boundaries, a handsy work “wife”, or not hanging out with specific friends who encourage behavior contrary to that of the children of Israel.

One prayer that I use for this is Genesis 19:11. When the men of Sodom and Gomorrah are attempting to practice sodomy with the angels of Yah. Lot was pulled into the protective recesses of the house and the men were blinded. They searched all night with evil intentions for the door, but couldn’t find it.

If you look into the home structures of that time, they were simple, cube shaped structures, even I as a visually impaired person, would have been able to find the door, but they were given supernatural protection.

This is the prayer I speak over my spouse. He could be inches away from an enemy to our relationship, but they will never be able to see him or lay a hand on him.

4. Be mindful of his needs.

This is one of the easiest ways to protect your husband so that he can continue to perform as the head of your house.

If you’re aware that he needs time to process new information. Make sure you plan to give him that time when making a request. If you know he needs a peaceful home after a long day of work, plan to create that space for him to come home and be able to function as husband and father.

Showing him preference in this way protects his position as your head. Check out the article Give Your Husband Preference to learn more about how this act of protection can look.

5. Feed him first then make your requests

It may be your natural reaction to jump on your husband as soon as he walks in. You want to tell him about your day and ask him to fix, help, take out, mend, buy, tell, build, etc. With this form of protection, you need to be mindful of how men operate.

Feed him first.

Allow him to sit and begin to soothe his physical needs before you begin your barrage. As he is enjoying the meal you have likely created for his enjoyment, bring forth just one request. We often times overload the men in our lives with tasks, and then we become frustrated when they don’t execute those tasks in the time we want them done.

Before your love comes home, select the one task that you need to be done the most. Serve him his meal. Allow him to calm down from his day, and then make your request. If it is an urgent need for you, ask him what you can take off of his plate, so that he can prioritize that request. You protect his peace and his esteem in your heart when you move like this. You set him up to be successful, and you keep yourself from being hurt
or frustrated when your task list isn’t seen to. Learning how to work around your spouse’s physical and mental load protects him in ways you can’t imagine.

My challenge for you this week is to seek out your mate and share your desire to protect him. Allow him to open up and share what ways you can protect his person, heart, mind, or peace. Take his response and these suggestions to the Most High Yah in prayer. Then get to work protecting your man. Serving him in this way will better position him to serve you, your home, and your family.

Sister Valencia

My name is Valencia Lloyd. I am a Hebrew Housewife in the making. I am a teacher by trade and I specialize in all things elementary education in the traditional space. The holy days, end times prophecy, and the basics of living are my focuses of teaching in the spiritual realm. I am currently an unpublished romance author. I write Israelite love stories with a nerdy flair. I have a heart for training up and disciplining the people of Abba Yah.
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My name is Valencia Lloyd. I am a Hebrew Housewife in the making. I am a teacher by trade. I’m specialtues being all things elementary education in the traditional space. The holy days, end times prophecy, and the basics of living are my focuses of teaching in the spiritual realm. I am currently an unpublished romance author. I write about Israelite love story it’s nerdy flair. I have a heart for training up and disciplining the people of Abba Yah.