Join an Exclusive Journal Club for Israelite Women Cultivating Thorough Femininity

We’re refining the body of Israel, diving deeper into Biblical femininity, and making the Proverbial lifestyle more applicable for these modern times.

“I feel like [Maintenance Monday] helps me understand femininity in a way that’s more relevant to me. [There is] so much ‘femininity’ content out there, and a lot of it is good. But these journal prompts and reflections make everything personal for me, and help me be more gentle with myself.”

— Sister Sharah Paige, Journal Club Member

Do you feel like…

  • You get the idea of femininity, but not what everyday application looks like?
  • You try to apply the femininity practices suggested online or by friends, and yet it doesn’t produce longlasting fruit?
  • You get easily frustrated with yourself because you’re not where you think you should be?
  • Flustered by life, to the point it noticeably impacts your self-care?

The Maintenance Monday Journal Club is for YOU

Ease and Simplicity

The Maintenance Monday Journal Club is available on mobile, or on desktop, with both an intimate, audio style prompt reading by the leader, and an-easy to follow transcript to ensure we’re all on the same page. All you need is your pen and paper, and you’ll uncover the tools to be more feminine, more vulnerable, and more emotionally adept as a Biblical woman!

By joining, you get instant access to:

  • Unique femininity prompts rooted in Scripture
  • Community support and a safe, discrete space to grow
  • Exclusive access to printable journal pages and freebies 🙂

PLUS access to members only podcast episodes and never-before-seen content!

Raasbasha Alohalani

You may know me as the author behind The Hebrew Housewife or hostess of the Watered Womanhood podcast, but I’d like to introduce myself as an avid journaler 🙂

I started journaling at about 7 years of age, around the time I realized what writing was, how powerful it could be, and just how relieving it was for me. I kind of grew up without anyone to confide in, so in turning to writing, I really learned how to cultivate my own sense of security, express my thoughts, and find relief from life.

Journaling is still something I do now as an adult, mother and wife, because I haven’t found anything else that works as good! Not even keeping a video-diary has benefited me like the traditional pen and paper (or most recently, stylus and digital notebook). From journaling Scripture, to my thoughts, to simply recording the day’s events, I’ve discovered a way to slow down, fully process life, and have the unique opportunity to see myself from a different perspective days or weeks later when I re-read my own thoughts with fresh eyes.

Now I want to share the joy and power of journaling with you, especially in ways that help us uncover and apply Biblical womanhood. So I created the Maintenance Monday Femininity Journal club as a space for just that, and my hope is to build a tight-knit community around such a sacred, ancient practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join Maintenance Monday?

Maintenance Monday is a weekly femininity journal club, and membership is $10/mth with no hidden fees, no extra tiers, and unlimited access.

What platform or app is it on?

Maintenance Monday is hosted on Patreon, within our ‘Hebrew Housewife’ tier.

Do you offer audio and written prompts?

YES! On top of written transcription, I also share the prompt as well as my own responses through an engaging podcast-style video upload every single week!

Do you provide journals?

Not hardcopies, but digital journals that you’re free to print out or use on popular PDF annotation apps such as GoodNotes (iOS), Notability (iOS), or Google Keep (Android). We currently have hard copy journals in the making, and Maintenance Monday members will get early access 🙂

Am I required to share my journal entry in order to remain in the group?

Not at all. You’re free to do so if you want to, or tell the group how your journaling journey is progressing. But sharing is completely up to you, and there is no pressure at all to reveal your pages.

Join the Maintenance Monday Femininity Journal Club today and start unlocking the power of feminine reflection and personal growth through writing.

Don’t miss out on exclusive resources, a supportive community, and weekly femininity prompts to nurture your Biblical womanhood journey.