Do Israelite Men Hate Femininity?

I want to preface this entire post with a few little notes.

A. The entire ‘Israelite Community’ are not all in fact Israelites. Some are Moab, Ham, Japheth, Edom, Ishmael, and a variety of other nations who are making an attempt to cling to Israel.

B. All of the above nations are HEBREW. Not Shemetic (aside from Edom and Ishmael), not Israelite. But HEBREW.

Hebrew – a descendent of Eber, the father of the Hebrew nation (whose name literally translates as Heber/Eber/Ibar/Iber/Abar/Aver/Avar/Avara – which means to cross, he who crosses, the one from the other side, the one who is coming). So anyone born in his lineage is Hebrew by blood.

Israelite – a descendent of Jacob from the lineage of Abraham, a descendent of one of the twelve tribes of Israel

C. We can tell who is who, not by their fringes, beards, headwraps, or even their Sabbath traditions. But we know them by the spirit. The Nine Distinctions of The Anointed leave no speculation as to how to identify Israel in these last days (expounded upon in my article A Royal Priesthood: Inheriting The Anointing of Yahusha).

Israelites aren’t concerned with sparring, arguing, pointless debates, or oppressing others, because they already know the kingdom is theirs. Some nations who have infiltrated our community just use our name as an excuse to oppress and abuse those subjugated to them according to scripture, and claim stake in a birthright that does not belong to them…which brings me to the final thing.

D. Real Israelite Men LOVE Feminine Energy

They love modesty, women’s uncovered beauty, a woman’s touch, being around women, nurturing women, investing in women, protecting women, and most importantly, they understand the value of a woman not just as a helpmeet but a companion especially as it pertains to building the Temple of YHWH. A man who hates femininity in his environment, is a man who prefers masculinity to be around him instead. And by definition, this is likely a homosexual.

These things are important to mention because I’ve heard plenty of testimonies that contradict what true Yahsharahlim is and does.

“Israelite men hate their women. They hate femininity.”

Negative. Some Hebrew men do. The ones in these camps (IUIC, GOCC, GMS, etc.) and enough on social media share their disdain, dislike, and absolute disgust for Hebrew women, ESPECIALLY of the Israelite variety. They call us names; degrade us for being in the same predicament as them as far as being subjugated; and overall, statistically not much has changed since the emergence of the so called Hebrew Israelite movement.

STD’s are still rampant. “African American” women are still number one in domestic violence, domestic murder, rape, childhood molestation, and motherhood deaths (while pregnant, giving birth, or after birth). We are still subjugated as a group.

And, largely femininity is the blame for the lack of protection from the men who claim to be Israelites.

‘Well, if you were more humble, you wouldn’t have gotten raped.’

‘If you would shut your mouth, he wouldn’t have to hit you.’

‘If you were a better woman, he wouldn’t have put you away.’

While these are narratives in the so called Hebrew Israelite community and it is a devastating reality that men who share our skin are among those who hate us the most, these men are largely not carrying the spirit of the true Israelites, so they do not get to represent nor speak for TRUE Israelite men who love their families, their women, and their role as builders and protectors.

Israel is a name that means “He Has Power (As a Prince)” From the root ‘Sarah/Sharah’ to have power/reign + the title ‘El/Al’ “God” to be God-Like, Mighty One

It literally means: He is a Prince With The Commanding Authority of El


The Power of El is With Him

Sounds much like Immanuel, right, the Prince? The Heir? The Son? ‘God with us’.

Men who do not have the power of YHWH with them are in fact not Israelites. Beard, fringes, melanted skin, Bibles, ranks, titles, wives, traditions, or reputations don’t make any boy an Israelite man.

They don’t have His spirit. It’s that simple. There’s no need to further argue about whether Israelite men hate women, vaginas, or feminine beauty or energy any longer.

Now, I do want to clarify some things about actual Israelite men for the record.

The truth is that femininity is a wild thing. By nature, and I mean literally nature as in WILD-LIFE, femininity is everywhere.

In fruits, in rocks, in the waters, in the animals, in the grass, in the clouds, even the earth itself is laregly referred to and personified as a woman.

And it is wild without the Order of YHWH of course.

That’s why we have men.

I don’t want to press any buttons. But of course, if I were writing to caress your feelings and make a friend out of you, this post or blog wouldn’t exist.

Yahuah protects us, He provides for us, He makes a way for us, and He uses us to advance His Kingdom.

This cannot be accomplished without both man and woman together.

They were created together with purpose. Even Hamashayach (The Messiah) had a woman, His Bride– The Body of Yahuah, His People, The Israelites.

His entire conquest was to provide for and protect Israelites, His Wife.

But could He do that without establishing boundaries, authority, and order? Absolutely not. Well, technically, it is establish in The Holy Spirit. Before any man, I AM. Before the beginning, I AM. This power is, with no beginning.

My point is, the provision and protection facilitated by masculine energy is not separate from order and it’s attached concepts.

In fact, they are driving attributes. Providing, protecting, giving order, direction, leadership, security, and reassurance is essentially masculinity in a nutshell.

Can a man lead a stubborn woman? Can a man protect his children when they go off and do something that puts them in danger–something he specifically ordered them not to do? Can a nation be ran without an establish hierarchy? Name a single organism, ecosystem, business, organization, or body without a chain of command and I will show you the textbook definition of wildlife.

As an Israelite man, to Be Empowered By EL means He is a Ruler. Again, Yah – Shar – Ahl means Yah Appointed a Prince to Have Power. A prince is second in line for the throne.

Don’t get it twisted, this doesn’t exclude us sisters. We are the womb from which they spawn. Their vortex, portal, and soil into which they plant their seed. Without us, they bear no fruit.

But we have a greater purpose than sitting on the throne. Men are pilots, captains, shipmasters, leaders, coaches, and pioneers. They are their best and deliver their best when they are the leader in every aspect. Women, with good reason, are their co-pilots, co-captains, deck hands, followers, team, and assistants.

Leadership is not just a man enjoying the fruits of patriarchy and dominance. It is being the one drafted during a bloody war. It’s being forced to work without end to provide the best you can. It’s not being allowed to rest because rest is essentially feminine. It’s being responsible for literally everyone and everything 100% of the time.

It’s sacrifice. Something a lot of women aren’t ready to do, but are prepared to rebel.

This isn’t a post to shame anyone. The Spirit did move me to cover this topic though.

Israelite men don’t hate femininity, but they are not to be subject to it.

For man to be subject to a woman is for man to be subject to the flesh.

If his goal is to rebuild The Temple/Resurrect The Body, then he cannot operate on flesh, and cannot serve woman, earth, or flesh.

“No man may serve two lords, for either he shall hate the one, and love the other; either he shall sustain the one, and despise the other. Ye be not able to serve YAHUAH and riches.”

Matthew 6:24 Wycliffe

We as a body are to serve YHWH, resurrect His Body and Temple, Build/Be a Memorial of Him, Be The Testimony/Testament, literally living Word just like…

You guessed it…

Immanuel, El With Us, Yahusha/Joshua (Yahuah The Savior). That is our name after all, right?

I will say it again because I love pointing this out:

The men you see on the street (not all) and on the internet bashing and dehumanizing ‘their own women’ are:

  1. Not Israelite Men, Because the Power of YHWH is Not With Them. Royalty is unmistakable. They are not regal by any means.

  2.  Largely closeted homosexuals who hate the existence of women unless it serves them. Literally, they’re gay. No way around this.

I love the word literally if you can’t tell by now LOOOOOOOOOL.

In short,


Wow, you would have thought this was the first century or something.

Really though, it’s not a secret that men largely have dominion over women that they don’t use fairly. YHWH will deal them. Just look at the instability of their nations after all these millenia of abusing their gift from YHWH.

Comparatively, Israelite men have THEE Spirit. It isn’t in their spirits to be unjust, cruel, or abusive. They are naturally like El, because His Power is With These Princes. They are sweet, loving, provisional, forgiving, headstrong, diligent, humorous, protective, intellectual, and sacrificing.

And they ADORE women, wombs, vaginas, breasts, reproduction, children, making love, and being in women’s’ company not just as it benefits them, but also when it benefits women.

Takeaway: All skinfolk ain’t kinfolk 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post that I pray was informative for you. Next time you see/hear the bashing, name calling, degrading, dehumanizing, and gaslighting from these men who call themselves Isrsaelites, it’s okay to remind yourself:

They could be Hebrew, but they are certainly NOT Israel.

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Raabasha Alohalani

I’m a little Israelite woman with a little faith in a big Master. Through cultivating a relationship with The Most High Redeemer of Israel, I’ve overcome suicidal tendencies, body dysmorphia, porn addiction, depression, and the darkness of envy! As a wife and a mommy, it is my earnest desire to share love and open a space for Hebrew, Israelite, and believing women alike who want to help build this City on A Hill. Let's discover His New Mercies each day, and take baby steps towards Shemayim!????